Sunday 31 December 2017

Sunday, 31-12-17

Good morning.
Today may be New Year's Eve but it is an ordinary day for me, so here's my food plans.

B:  porridge, fruit and yogurt
S:  orange
L:  leftover kedgeree with a hard boiled egg on top
S:  apple
D:  turkey hotpot; home made jelly

From the freezer
I pushed the leftover turkey and turkey stock into the freezer on Thursday when I found I was needing to go away for a few days so some of that has come back out again

The frugal factor
It's a real leftovers day today
The kedgeree is leftovers from yesterday's dinner
The hotpot is made from turkey leftovers and leftover Christmas veg that really does need using up as it's getting a bit wrinkly
Using leftovers, rather than chucking them, makes me happy.
The fruit salad has all been used now so I'm opening a tin of savers peach slices, I think, to have some with the porridge.

I've posted about how I made the kedgeree already and I will post the hotpot recipe later.

Last of all, I'm giving the fridge its post Christmas sort out today.

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