Monday 4 December 2017

Tuesday, 5-12-17

Another day, another menu.

Today I'm planning to have . . .
B:  Guess what.  Yes, that's right - porridge and fruit.  No yogurt as I'm out of it so it's on the shopping list.  Just a small pot as I really must start making my own again.
S:  apple or orange
L:  ham and split pea soup
S:  apple or orange
D:  spag (or pasta) bol

From the freezer:
Yesterday I got out a little pot of cooking bacon for the quiche but then Beth (daughter) came round so I doubled up amounts and skipped the bacon as she's vegetarian.  I'm using it today in the soup in lieu of ham stock, to give it a good hammy zing.
The cooked mince for the spag bol.

The frugal factor
Porridge as always - and I hope it's working wonders for my cholesterol as well as my bank balance
Split peas are as cheap as chips and the bacon also cost very little when I bought it YS quite a while ago.
The mince is packed with veg, oats and lentils which not only makes it extra tasty and full of goodness, they also bulk it out and make it a lot more frugal.  I always make my savoury mince like this (with variations, depending on what I have got in).
And I have some pasta that was given to me so the ultimate frugal!

I'm trying to use up the multitude of stuff in the freezer.
I want to make the most of my hard earned pension so am aiming for sensible frugality in my meal planning and making.
I have gall bladder problems, high cholesterol and high blood pressure so am taking myself in hand with low fat, high fruit and veg, generally healthy meals but with plenty of flavour.


  1. Greetings from the UAE! Such amazing food smells here. On the flight over I had a delicious brown rice and lentil salad, which also had sweetcorn, diced red peppers, probably yogurt and some herbs/spices. Heathy and frugal, so I will be trying to recreate the recipe. The breakfast buffet had a yummy chickpea dish, egg rice and paratha. Also healthy and frugal and worth me researching to recreate at home. Although, I will not eat both within 24 hours...

  2. That does sound delicious. When you've worked it out, do let me know!
    Have a great time.
    J x