Thursday 17 May 2018

Recipe: chicken with lemon and courgette couscous

This is the recipe I used, taken from the wonderful BBC Good Food site.

However, I made changes in order to use what I already had.

I reduced everything to a quarter of the given amount to serve one.

I used courgettes that I froze last year and just chopped them into little bits - easier to do frozen than thawed!

I used chicken thighs - three of them because I needed cooked chicken for the next day as well - and baked them with some lemon juice, salt and pepper.  When cooked, I stripped off all the meat and kept the skin, bones and 'bits' to boil up for stock.  Waste not, want not!

I used spray oil to brown the courgette bits.

Then I made the couscous which I mixed with chicken stock powder before adding the boiling water and some bottled lemon juice.

Finally, I mixed the chicken with the couscous mixture and added a bit more lemon juice, pinging it for a short time to get it back to piping hot.  It was very tasty with some broccoli on the side.  I forgot to take a photo though!  Sorry.

Another one to go on the 'make again' list!

Photo borrowed from the BBC site - mine didn't look like this at all, of course!


  1. Evening Joy

    Am cooking chicken drumsticks in slow cooker tonight. Will look at cost of chicken thighs and see if better value. Funny you mention about keeping all the excess of the cooked chicken, I do that when I cook chicken too. What does couscous taste like? I've a bag in the cupboard and ........ haven't used it. :-( Am having homemade hash brown tonight. It won't matter that it doesn't end up in neat little triangles. The fact that potato wasn't wasted is more important.

    Hope your health/weight is continuing in the right direction. Thanks for the continued recipes and where you source them from.

    Have a good evening.

    Carol x

    1. On its own, I find couscous a little tasteless but when you soak it in stock or add spices or other flavourings, it is really delicious, I think. I love the texture too.
      Try 'cooking' it (follow the instructions; really you are rehydrating it) with a chicken stock (I added stock powder and boiling water) and give it a go.

      I now buy free range chicken and the breasts are horrifically expensive. Thighs in Morrisons are around £2.50 for four - still expensive but not dreadful and I have a clearer conscience! :-) Also, I reckon thighs have a better flavour.