Monday 28 May 2018

Monday, 28-05-18

Good morning.

After a weekend off (and away), it's back on track again today and here's my food plans.
B:  muesli (30g) with natural yogurt (2 tbsp home made and scrummy) and sweetener
L:  tuna salad (just a mix of salad veg I have available, with tuna on top plus a small dollop of mayo or salad cream)
D:  pasta bolognaise (small portion pasta, probably 30g dry weight), broccoli; fruit yogurt (a mix of frozen fruit and blueberries with my yogurt on top)
Ss:  apples x 2
Exercise:  (I've decided to declare this too)  allotment work

From the freezer:
The bolognaise, part of a batch cook that was frozen in single portions and which was bulked out with oats and lentils as well as veg that needed using up.  It's delicious!

The frugal factor:
My lovely dad has given me two packs of lovely posh muesli so, once I have finished my home made mix (also lovely) ,I'll be back on that again!
The tuna was on special and pretty cheap, as tuna goes.
As said above, the mince was stretched with frugal additions that make it more tasty as well as better value.

Have a great bank holiday.


  1. More posh lovely! It's nice when gifts are well thought out. Your Dad knows what you appreciate!
    We have been away for a few days, then at a wedding yesterday, and enjoyed lots of meals that we wouldn't eat at home, so it's back to 'normal' eating now. My shopping is being delivered this evening (got a £15 off £50 spend from Ocado so it was worth doing an online order) and along with what I already have in, we can eat healthily and sensibly again. I do t eat mince but do cook it for my husband. I bulk it out with carrots, onions and celery when I have it. I add a few lentils though he's not keen but I've never tried oats. Will do next time.

    1. I know - I'm really lucky! It seems to be a btradition thing now that each time he orders more for himself, he orders for me too. Lovely! At the rate I use it, including the stuff I made too, there's enough to see me through the summer. Woo hoo!
      You can't taste or 'feel' the oats, but apart from bulking it out, they give a lovely texture, thickening the sauce without need for flour or whatever.
      Welcome home.