Saturday 5 May 2018

Saturday, 05-05-18

Good morning.

Dinner yesterday was very simple but tasty.  I softened a little bit of finely chopped onion, red pepper and mushroom in spray oil, added some garlic puree and some pepper, the contents of a diddy tin of lemon and pepper tuna, the grated zest of half a lemon and some lemon juice (from a bottle), then stirred in some cooked pasta and a bit of the pasta cooking water and sprinkled over s bit of shredded fresh mint.  It was so good!

Today's plans:
B:  porridge, fruit and yogurt
L:  souffle omelette, salad
D:  chicken drumsticks in a bbq sauce, SW chips, salad, fruit and yogurt
Ss:  fruit x 2, hard boiled eggs x 2 *

*  I'm having extra on swimming days as I get so hungry and that's not surprising given that I am burning around 400 extra calories (minimum) extra.  Must make sure I don't go bonkers with the fatty snacks though.  Actually, looking at it, I'm having a lot of eggs today.  I might change that.
I need ideas for quality snacks now!

From the freezer
The chicken drumsticks - I will have three, again to up those calories a bit.  I had such a hungry evening yesterday.

The frugal factor
The drums will cost a bit more than usual but the rest is all very reasonably priced, nothing lavish at all.  Tasty though!


  1. Well there's a coincidence - we're having chicken (breast fillets) in a bbq sauce and homemade spicy wedges with salad. Re the snacks, how about a piece of cheese and 1 or 2 crackers, perhaps spread with Marmite? Or you could make some muesli bars?

  2. SUper ideas, thanks very much.
    Snap indeed, although my BBQ sauce has changed to a lemon marmalade and grain mustard sauce - or marinade or whatever it turns out to be. :-)
    J x

  3. There are lots of weight watcher recipes at skinny kitchen. They are so clever how they combine ingredients.

    1. I'll look that up, thanks very much.
      J x

  4. Evening Joy

    Well done on the weight loss, you must be really chuffed with yourself.

    We are having chicken drumsticks tomorrow (cooking them in the slow cooker overnight). I'm sure I read on someone's blog (apologies, I can't remember who it was), that drumsticks are flavoursome. I'll know by tomorrow. :-)

    I, too, have days where I just feel hungry and I don't know why! ( Oh well, keep taking the tablets Carol! :-D )

    Enjoy your evening.


    1. I am pleased, thanks very much. ENjoy those drumsticks. I did. :-)
      J x