Wednesday 9 May 2018

Wednesday, 09-05-18


The Mediterranean couscous was lovely so I will do a separate post about uit.

Today is a non-swimming, loadsa cooking day in preparation for a family meal here tomorrow evening.  Summoning as much will-power as I can possibly muster to avoid too many nibbles and picks.

B:  muesli with yogurt and fruit salad (leftovers from yesterday evening's meal with Beth)
L:  more leftovers - the last of the Mediterranean couscous with some salad veg
D:  salmon, cranberry and couscous parcels, salad, yogurt and fruit
Ss:  fruit x 2

From the freezer
small piece of salmon

The frugal factor
Leftover day.  I don't usually have leftovers, cooking for one as I usually do, but yesterday I did.
apart from the salmon (which is a small piece), all the rest is bits and pieces that I already have in and none of it too costly.

I'm also making (for tomorrow)
chicken and chorizo rice pot
bolognaise or maybe it will be chilli, we will see
vegetarian chilli
garlic bread

plus some loaves of bread for my parents.

Busy day!


  1. I do like couscous or bulgur wheat salads for lunch, they're so versatile, and the grain soaks up lots of flavours.

    1. I haven't had couscous for absolutely ages and had forgotten how nice it is. :-)
      J x