Saturday 12 May 2018

Saturday, 12-05-18

Good morning.

The savoury cheesy crumble worked a treat and it all got polished off in a jiffy, as did the peas and cabbage that accompanied it.  I made a nice gravy by straining off some of the sauce from the mince and adding all sorts of seasonings - soy sauce, Lea and Perrins, stock, marmite - lots of thing to make it really savoury.
I haven't been able to have peas since February (too starchy) so I really enjoyed my small spoonful.

Today's plans:
B:  porridge, fruit and yogurt
L:  cheese and crackers, salad (not a lot of cheese though)
D:  The chicken, chorizo and rice leftovers, runner beans; melon
Ss:  apples x 2

From the freezer
The leftovers - as it was chicken and rice, it was frozen straight away and I will re-heat it very carefully and very well.
I'm having crackers, but there will also be bread on offer and that's from the freezer.
Runner beans (last year's crop)

The Frugal Factor
Well, as it's not my freezer, not my larder, it's all a bit academic this weekend.
The chicken dish is leftovers, Porridge is great value and the yogurt is home made.  Cheese is not cheap but I won't be having all that much.

I was a bit naughty yesterday evening and had a small vodka and diet coke.  I haven't had alcohol since February and it was very nice but I was pleased to note that it didn't make me want more, nor did it lead to nibbling later on.
Amazing self control (for me, that is)!  Long may it continue. 

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