Wednesday 30 May 2018

Wednesday, 30-05-18

Good morning!  Yesterday went well and we loved the mini frittatas I made except that they stuck in the muffin tin.  I might go and look for a silicon 'tin' because the frittatas were delicious and one large egg, 30g cheddar and a bit of filling (onion, etc) will make enough for a meal for me with some salad or veg on the side, so pretty frugal.

The First Strawberry was gorgeously, juicily delicious.

Today's plans:
B:  muesli, natural yogurt and sweetener
L:  one mini frittata leftover from yesterday, a bit of ham to fill the gaps, salad (also leftover)
D:  chickpea and chorizo bake (a new recipe - I'll let you know; fruit yogurt)
Ss:  apples x 2
E:  early morning swimming; allotment should the weather permit.

From the freezer
nothing - oh, dear, must do better than this

The frugal factor.
There's quite a lot of leftovers today which is great.  Dinner doesn't seem too costly either although I will let you know.  I have to get a sweet potato but have already got the chorizo (great value from Aldi) and the rest is spices which I already have and a bit of veg.  It sounds delicious.

I've never bought peppers in a jar before but yesterday, while trawling around a pound shop looking for something else, I saw large jars of peppers for under £1 so I thought I'd give it a go.  There must be at least five peppers in the jar, all ready for cooking with and tasty as well.  Great value - you can't get five red fresh peppers for that price round here and I use peppers in a lot of dishes.  Proper frugal!

I'm loving my new yogurt maker and especially loving the mesh filter that makes thicker, almost Greek style yogurt.  However, I have been puzzled about what to do with the whey: I know it can be used in bread and scones but I'm not eating much bread at the moment and scones are a bit of a no-no.  However, I have picked up that you can use the whey, very much diluted, on acid loving plants and, as I have two blueberry plants, I thought I'd give that a go.  Right now, watering them is not an issue but in the hot dry days it is more problematic so this sounds a good way (geddit?) to go!  I gather you can also use it on strawberries and tomatoes too.
Any comments, please?


  1. Sorry Joy, I've never heard of using whey to water plants with. I know you can freeze whey to use in cooking at a later date, I've done it myself. Out of interest, why no scones at the mo?

    1. Because they're naughty and I can eat thousands at a sitting, sadly. :-)
      I make too much yogurt to make freezing much of an option although I could freeze what I have at the moment, thanks.

    2. Oh I see! Well, you could make scones and freeze those as well, in bags of 1 or 2 perhaps....or give them away!

    3. Good ideas. Actually I could take them up for Mum and Dad. They'd like that.

    4. You could make the scone dough, cut them out and freeze uncooked. I do that sometimes, make double quantity and freeze half of the scones ready cut out. Take out, defrost and cook when I want them - fresh scones without having to make them on a day when I'm busy.

    5. Excellent idea, thanks very much.