Wednesday 9 May 2018

Recipe: salmon, cranberry and couscous parcel

I found this on the excellent BBC Good Food site.

I made one portion.
It's quite calorific so I made a few changes.
I cut out the butter entirely.
I used 40g couscous, not 60.
I didn't make the sauce.
The salmon was just a small piece of 100g

I also subbed a bit - walnuts for pine nuts.

I don't have basil and am not all that fond of it anyway so just missed it out.

It was so delicious and there was plenty.

Photo taken from the Good Food site, link above.


  1. The mark of a successfully frugal cook - improvisation. It looks good.

    1. Really sorry, Eloise, I missed your lovely comment.

      It's definitely a keeper. I've made it since and am having it this evening again (20-6-18). I thought I might try some dried parsley rather than coriander.