Tuesday 1 May 2018


Good morning.

Dinner yesterday.  Not so beautifully displayed but it didn't half taste good and I have half of the coleslaw left for today!  I just added some chilli to the mince mixture and the white is a dollop of yogurt.
And I do love my lap tray!

Today's plans
B:  porridge with fruit and natural yogurt
L:  small frittata type thingy with coleslaw
D:  beans on toast; fruit yogurt
Ss:  apple and pear

From the freezer:
The fruit and also the bread for the toast.

The frugal factor
All of it really.  I shall use two eggs for the frittata plus a bit of potato that I cooked yesterday with the jacket potato, some onion, wonky pepper and mushroom, porridge is cheap, the fruit is garden produce and beans on toast are a great way to get a good meal and be frugal (and Beth, who is sharing it with me, loves beans on toast too)

If the frittata is nice enough, I will share what I did.  It won't be difficult at all.

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