Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Wednesday, 02-05-18


The frittata was lovely yesterday so I've posted separately about it.  I was happy that, with all the veg, it made enough for two so guess what I'm having today!

Which leads nicely on to today's plans.
B:  muesli with fruit and yogurt
L:  frittata and salad
D:  pancake canelloni (or it might be a two pancake stack!), coleslaw, salad; fruit yogurt
Ss:  piece of fruit x 2

From the freezer
The frittata would have gone INTO the freezer if I wasn't having it today.
Both the pancakes and the mince are from the freezer too. 
I'm also opening an old can of peaches for my breakfast fruit for the next several days so that's using up store cupboard stuff too..

The frugal factor:
The tin of peaches cost 33p (I wrote it on the tin) so that will hardly break the bank.
The frittata is leftovers (got to love leftovers)
The pancake thingy is a bit of an invention.  It may work, it may not but I think it will!  The mince is the turkey mince and the pancakes are home made.
Coleslaw is actually a great way to frugalise.  You don't need a lot of cabbage for one portion and I like to add carrot and a titchy bit of dried fruit, plus a little mayo, but it really doesn't amount to much, tastes great and goes well with loads of stuff.

I got some couscous yesterday.  I will google for ideas of how to use it but if anyone has a favourite recipe, please do share it.  Thanks.

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