Thursday 24 May 2018

Thursday, 24-05-18

Good morning:

Today's plans:
B:  something different for a change.  Bacon medallions with 'fried' (minimal fat) tomatoes and mushrooms
L:  mushroom omelette, side salad
D:  chicken with gravy, broccoli and carrots; fruit yogurt
S:  apple

From the freezer:
The bacon medallions, a bit of gravy and the chicken thigh

The frugal factor:
It's a sort of middly day.  I saw the medallions on Morrisons, they weren't dreadfully expensive and I rather fancied some for a change as I haven't had bacon for months and months.  Lunch is using up stuff that needs to be used up.  The chicken is thigh and is about 60p (free range) while the broccoli is the last of a head (and I shall make soup with the stalk).

I'm pleased with the gravy.  I saved some bones and skin, etc, from previous meals and boiled it all up with a bay leaf and some thyme (both from the garden) which gave me a lovely stock which I thickened with a few thickening granules.  I had some left over so froze it for another day.

When I cook the chicken, I might pop another medallion on top before popping it in the oven - it should make for a lovely flavour.  I will keep the skin and the bones for future gravy/stock too!

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