Monday 7 May 2018

Monday, 07-05-18

Morning, everyone.

I picked some mint from the garden to go with my lamb yesterday.   Finely chopped it, then added balsamic vinegar, a bit of salt and pepper and a little bit of honey.  It was delicious!

Today's plans (with a bit more detail today):
B:  Porridge (3g), fruit (canned savers pineapple, 1/5 of a can) and yogurt (about 60 mls)
L:  tomato and lentil soup - one portion
D:  cheesy sardines on toast (2 slices, no butter!), tomatoes and carrots (both raw); fruit yogurt
Ss:  (swimming day)  fruit x 3, 15g walnuts

From the freezer:
The soup (made last week)
The bread for toast

The frugal factor
Quite a low price day today with nothing costing all that much.  Makes up for other days!
Porridge is always great value, the fruit is Savers (not that it's all that cheap nowadays) and the yogurt is home made (1 litre long life skimmed, 49p).
The soup was made with tomatoes frozen from last year's crop.
Sardines are cheap and I only have 30g of cheese at a time; I've learned that 30g is plenty.
The fruit is normal price but not the expensive fruit and the walnuts are from a big bag from a health shop and were remarkably good value.  They need using up so may feature in the following weeks rather more.

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