Thursday 27 January 2022

Recipe: a very odd macaroni cheese

Someone posted this in our local SW facebook page and it intrigued me so much I thought I'd give it a go.  It think it is a Tik Tok thing but am not 100% sure so apologies for not giving it proper accreditation.

The original was for four portions and I quartered it to serve one.  I have a small slow cooker so it was OK but I doubt it would be enough in a larger, family sized, slow cooker; you'd need to do two or more portions.
(you could also bake it in the oven, I am sure, or cook it on the hob)

Macaroni cheese - an alternative version

Not the best photo in the world, sorry - but you get the idea

Ingredients to serve one
160g carrots, boiled until soft (unsalted)
100ml of cooking water from boiling the carrots (the rest can be discarded)
40g macaroni

40g reduced fat cheddar (or 30g of the proper kind) plus 20g (15g) for topping - that last bit is optional
a dollop of plain yogurt
30 mls milk.  I use semi skimmed
seasonings to own taste - I used garlic granules and pepper.  Be careful with salt because of the salt in the cheese.

Blend the carrots to a smooth puree with the cooking water.
Add the yogurt and milk and mix well.
Add the macaroni and the cheese and season carefully
Pour the mixture into a small slow cooker and cook for two hours on low, stirring occasionally, if you can.

Check the seasonings and adjust, if necessary.

That's it.  However, I made mine earlier and warmed it up in an oven proof dish with some more grated cheese on top.

It was . . . rather nice, I thought.  Not a proper macaroni cheese but you don't get a real cheese sauce that is SW friendly, you just don't!  In its way it was tasty and had a comfort food vibe.
You can't taste carrot.
I'm definitely making it again and next time I will add bits.  Some onion maybe, bits of bacon, bits of pepper and mushroom.  It will take all sorts of variations.

The cheese is one healthy extra A, one and a half, if you add the extra
The milk could be a bit of the remaining A choice or call it around one syn
The rest is free and those carrots give it a bit of unexpected speed content which is always nice.


  1. Intriguing! I think I'll give this a go at some point, thanks. xx

    1. It is, isn't it. It's very nice as long as you don't expect a traditional macaroni cheese, I think. I'm doing it again before too long anyway!

  2. That does sound tasty and I like th idea of adding other bits and pieces to it.

    1. Me too - that's how I will use it. Nice for using up leftovers.