Tuesday 11 January 2022

This week's SW-friendly shopping haul - M&S and Aldi

It was quite a big shop this week, partly because I've been running things down a bit and partly because I have a friend over from Friday to Monday

I decided the three main meals for the weekend would be salmon, something bolognaise-y and a roast chicken on Sunday.  I decided to get a whole chicken which will provide me with several other meals plus a good bowl of stock.  
I'm nearly out of salmon so got a new pack and I have plenty of mince in the freezer
The usual veg plus some salad stuff as I'm feeling the urge to have salads again.  I also bought some tomatoes that seem to have dodged having their photo taken and I bought some frozen mixed veg, the kind that cooks in the microwave but that went straight in the freezer.
I got plenty of fruit too as I know my guest likes fruit and we can have some of it for breakfast as well as desserts or as snacks.  I also got some frozen cherries which, like the mixed veg, went straight into the freezer.
A bit of dairy.  No flavoured yogurts as I still have plenty.  The soft cheese underneath is garlic and herb flavoured.

I needed all sorts of bits and bobs.  Red and white wine vinegar, some seafood sauce for the salmon, a can of new potatoes to try a recipe for hash browns (I'll let you know), some chipotle paste and some bin bags.

I also got two bags of ice cubes.

I thought I had photo'd the bread based things but obviously not.  I got a pack of WW tortillas which doesn't officially count as a B choice but . . ., a loaf of sliced wholemeal bread, the kind that you get two slices for your B and a couple of garlic bread baguettes (for the Saturday dinner).  The first two are now in the freezer.

Plus a couple of packs of fizzy cans, some daffs and a plant for the bathroom!

And that's it for this week.  I very much hope I don't need to get anything else as it's all so expensive nowadays.  I'm still using plenty of what I already have as well - that's ongoing.


  1. What a delicious looking shopping haul! Cannot wait to hear how the hash browns turn out - I love hash browns. The WW wrap issue is so confusing - are they or aren't they allowed as a HEXB?!

    1. The wraps are, the tortillas are not. It's the sort of nit picking I tend to disregard providing there's not too much difference in the calories. I'll give the hash browns a go and let you know! :-)

      How's it going?

    2. Ahhh - thanks for that! I have the wraps but was cautious about using them but will have one today! It seems to be going well, thank-you. I had a strange day Sunday as had a migraine - (sugar withdrawal?) so ate very little and then yesterday had a coffee date with a friend and ate a caramel shortbread. It was DELISH and I was very strict for the rest of the day. By my reckoning I might have lost 3lb. I'm just keeping everything crossed for daughter who needs to lose to stay motivated! I will let you know!

    3. Fingers firmly crossed - well done to you!