Monday 3 January 2022

Monday, 03-01-22

Good morning

All's well so far apart from a little accident with some Christmas cake.  Ooops!

I've been thinking about my meals for the next few days and there really are some lovely recipes in the PoN Comfort Food book.  I haven't really started exploring Slimming Eats yet but expect there will be some good ones there too.

I've also restarted hard copy planning.  Towards the end of the year I started to feel that what I plan in here (I have the next few days here in draft form to work on as well as the current day's entry) but, as I seem to be going right back to basics, I dug out my file, printed off some sheets, put them in and bob's your uncle.  Basically,. it means that I can plan while sitting in my easy chair with my books scattered around me rather than having to sit at my desk and, right at the moment, I need to plan well.

Yesterday's meals:

I dearly love this roulade I picked up from Jo Morgan's YouTube vlog.  It take a bit of time and effort but it's worth it.  The fruit was just raspberries, cherries and peach slices, all from the freezer and I just drizzled some of the juice over the actual roulade.
The way the outside comes out makes the roulade seem a bit out of focus, doesn't it?

Around midday I slipped and had a little slice of Christmas cake.  I don't think it will have done any harm but bad me, eh?

Instead of salad, I just had tomatoes with some balsamic vinegar and it went nicely with the quesadilla.
Then I had an apple.

And later on I had a carrot- it was a nibbly day but, apart from the Christmas cake, I contained it.

Dinner was the turkey, bacon and leek potato topped pie.

I made the topping using equal amounts of potato and sweet potato and then, on an impulse, took the 'skin' off some butter beans from the freezer and mashed them in.  I also added 25g Primula light cheese spread and then topped it with 15g grated cheddar.  It was really lovely. 

I only had half of the pie last night.  As I already have today's food planned, just this once it is going in the freezer for another day this week.
A yogurt finished off the day's eating.  Two down, 363 to go this year!  :-)

Today's plans:

B:  muesli, yogurt and fruit
Some of the Lakeland Mues Winter Wonder muesli, natural yogurt flavoured with some skinny syrup and the fruit will be a selection from the freezer.
SW:  one healthy extra B for the muesli 

L:  chunky lamb and veg soup; fruit
A while ago, I slow cooked some random lamb leg steaks and got several portions of lamb in stock.  Yesterday, I added to the basic lamb and stock some veg such as carrots, onion, leek, sweet potato and butternut squash to make a sort of very chunky soup.  I could thicken the stock with some cornflour, I'll see how I feel, and I have a bit of broccoli and cabbage left over from last night which will also go it as I heat it all up.
SW:  up to one syn if I thicken the liquid and the lamb/stock is two syns (it said on the pot)

D:  turkey risotto, side veg; yogurt
This is a Slimming World recipe but it is out there so here's the link:
I may add more veg - mushroom, maybe, or peas and corn - and some chopped bacon, and will use some of the fresh turkey stock I have.
 It doesn't mention any cheese in the recipe but I might very well stir in some not-parmesan at the end 
SW:   if I add the cheese, that will be a healthy extra A plus half a syn for the yogurt.

E:  circuits with Lindsey and the others

one healthy extra A
one healthy extra B
one and a half syns

From the freezer:
a selection of fruit
lamb in stock
butternut squash

. . . but I have added two pots of turkey in gravy, four pots of good turkey stock and the leftovers from yesterday's dinner.  Oh, well!!


  1. At the moment I have more going in the freezer than coming out...hope I can find spaces for it all! We have a small under the counter freezer I use just for dog food, there's an empty drawer in there if needs be. I must have a look at that new P of N book, it sounds really good. Having hard copies to refer to is a good idea Joy. xx

    1. I think it is helping while I keeping such a tight hold on it, Sooze. It helped a lot before.

      I so know what you mean about more in than out. I am making an effort to use freezer stuff for lunch but it's not terribly successful yet because of all those (healthy) leftovers.
      We'll get there. :-)

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    1. Perfect! I will remember that one, I love it!