Monday, 24 January 2022

Monday, 24-01-22

Good morning, everyone.  

Another good day yesterday which makes me happy!  Three lovely meals - well, I enjoyed them although I am sure they're not everyone's cuppa tea - that kept me well satisfied.
I found a beef tagine recipe on the SW site and have planned it in for later on in the week.  It's been gently bubbling overnight, filling the house with a warm and spicy fragrance and I've turned it on top high with the lid off to try and reduce it down a bit.  If that doesn't do the trick, I can just use a saucepan instead.  I made half quantities because that's how much beef I had, but it's made absolutely loads, at least three portions, so no grumbles, even though it means some must go in the freezer.
Yesterday's meals:

Such a scrummy breakfast!!  

The hash browns are just as nice cooked straight from frozen, they just take a little bit longer, that's all.
Next time, I want to try the actifry.

And when I make the next batch, I will cook them before freezing them and see if that works as well.
The beans on toast (with feta, not cheddar) was pretty tasty too.  It was followed by an orange and two small plums.

And dinner was also very delicious.  The plum sauce wasn't very nice so I chucked that, grabbed a few frozen cranberries and boiled them up with some sugar.  It made two portions at one and a half syns per portion.
Extremely yummy!
Because the plum sauce wasn't nice, I added some no added sugar apricot jam to the Greek yogurt for one syn.  Very satisfying!

So I finished the day a bit up in syns from planning, but had less cheese than expected

Today's plans:

B:  fluffy pancakes, fruit and agave nectar
A great start to the week, I hope!
SW:  one healthy extra B and a maximum of three syns for the agave nectar (probably less)

L:  carrot and lentil soup, leftover turkey and veg (broccoli and sprouts); apple
I really want to stay on plan this week and find the time around five-ish the most difficult time of the day so I am wondering if I have a little more for lunch, will that make a difference or is it emotional or habit issues?  I'll give it a try and see how it goes.
The mini turkey joint made plenty so I always have that to nibble on which might be better than fruit. if necessary.
SW:  one and a half syns for the rest of the cranberry sauce and a bit of a healthy extra A for milk to add to the soup when I reheat it.

D:  turkey leftover curry (from the freezer), veg on the side; yogurt
This is Christmas leftover turkey rather than from yesterday - it all needs using, after all.
I'll probably not have any rice or similar as yesterday was quite carby.
SW:  the turkey curry is two syns and half a syn for the yogurt

E:  kettle exercises, circuit training

part of a healthy extra A
one healthy extra B for oat bran or oats
seven syns

From the freezer:

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