Thursday 27 January 2022

Thursday, 27-01-22

Good morning, everyone.
Yesterday was a bit of an odd day.  I often say that I've had a hungry day when I've had to fight the nibblies all the way through.  Yesterday was quite the opposite - it was very much a not-hungry day.
I had breakfast as usual although it was a bit late, around eleven thirty, and enjoyed it very much indeed.
By the time it came to lunch, I just wasn't hungry but I knew I ought to have something because of personal training a bit later.  I nibbled on the turkey and bacon and had a bit of yogurt.  Then, after personal training, I toasted the bread and had some of the turkey pate with it because it was a strenuous session, I had planned this anyway and I didn't want to crash later on.  So I didn't have the salad, the chutney or the mayo.
Dinner was fine although I wasn't as 'ready' for it as I usually am and there's a little bit of tagine left which I will most likely toss in the soup at lunchtime, so as not to waste it.
Yesterday's meals:

Here are the egg coddlers, two of them anyway.  The strawberry one was mine, given by a parent ages ago and the flower one was Mum and Dad's.  The eggs were fine.  It's nothing fancy, just a boiled egg outside of it's shell or a poached egg not in water.  Next time I will add the cheese first as it was had to tell when the white at the top was cooked and I overdid them a bit.
It was good and filling.

The tagine was very tasty.  I decided to just have raw tomatoes with it rather than cooked veg.  I finished off with yogurt, as usual.

Today's plans:

B:  bacon and egg muffin with tomatoes and mushrooms on the side
Because I love it!
SW:  one healthy extra B, one syn for some bbq sauce

L:  tomato, lentil and red pepper soup, grated cheese; fruit
I had half a can of chopped tomatoes and the fag end of a jar of red peppers left over from making the tagine so I chopped a bit of carrot and a bit of onion, bunged it all in Thermione with a tbsp red lentils, some vegetable stock powder and some seasonings, let it simmer for twenty five minutes, blended it all down and pushed the resulting gunk through a sieve.  
(and I will add a little bit of tagine leftovers - odd but it will work ok, I am sure and anyway, waste not, want not!)
SW:  one healthy extra A for some grated cheddar

D: spicy butternut squash traybake, veg; yogurt
I also have chickpeas left from making the tagine so I searched on the SW site and found this recipe which rather appeals.  You can only access it if you are a SW member, sorry. 
I won't be adding the coriander and, as I have a healthy extra A left, I might grate that over the end product.  I'll be using frozen butternut squash so it will be cubes, not chips.
SW:  possibly one healthy extra A and half a syn for the yogurt

E:  kettle exercises, a walk

up to two healthy extra As
one healthy extra B
one and a half syns

From the freezer:
wholewheat muffin
butternut squash

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