Saturday 22 January 2022

Saturday, 22-01-22

 Good morning.
Today is a bit different as I am off to my Dad's house to help brother do some more clearing and have an 'executors' meeting'.  I will take breakfast and lunch with me and will be home for dinner.

Weigh in was a miracle!!  Half a pound off and I have no idea how but I'm not arguing!
The rest of the day was rather muddled as I have described in the other blog - I had to eat when I could and I didn't take photos - nor will I today except, probably, dinner tonight.

Today's plans:

B:  fruit and yogurt
I'll be sorting out at Dad's and this is easy to take with me.
SW:  half a syn

L:  savoury mince, tea loaf
The mince is free but I have no idea of the tea loaf.  it is what it is really.

D:  steak, chips, peas; maybe a yogurt
I ended up not having this yesterday but a ready meal (I couldn't find the syns but it would have been OK) so am having it today instead.
SW:  one syn for mayo and half for yogurt

E:  kettle exercises, lots of lifting, carrying, up and down stairs.

unknown today but I will be careful

From the freezer:
tea loaf (has to be used)


  1. Good job with weigh in - if I was expecting a gain I'd be over the moon, as well! All your meals look so delicious and give me great ideas. I've discovered Fat Girl Skinny - have tried a few of her recipes - chicken pasta bake was the most successful so far. Had the chicken and asparagus risotto last night which was fine but I got impatient and the rice was a little crunchy! Will cook the left overs for a little while longer and have for lunch. Hope your day at your Dad's isn't too sad. Difficult.

    1. Thanks very much, Julia. I was very happy about it.
      There's loads of lovely resources out there, aren't there. No need to restrict oneself to lettuce and cabbage!
      I'm just back home. We got loads done and it was sad but necessary.