Friday 21 January 2022

Friday, 21-01-22

 Good morning:
Yesterday was better, much better.  Weigh in today and I'm not expecting any miracles but not to worry.  I will survive!

Yesterday's meals:

Well, nice breakfast but I won't be trying to 'poach' eggs in the actifry again, no way!  Talk about bullets!

Lunch - soup and cheesy toast dippers.  Nice!
Then I had a wee apple and two easy peelers.  Also nice.

Later on I had another apple.  Am I having too much fruit?

I dearly love hunter's chicken and, with all that veg, it was both filling and healthy.

I could feel the nibblies coming on again around five so I had dinner much earlier than usual and it worked!

I had a yogurt and that was it for the day.

Today's plans:

B:  fluffy oat pancakes with fruit and yogurt
The usual but with the egg separated, while whisked and folded in.  Or I might do the roulade mix which is really low carb, like cloud bread, and pancake-cook that instead of baking it.  I haven't decided yet.
SW:  one healthy extra B - maybe

L:  keema curry, perhaps some konjac rice, salad' fruit
I have a little pot of this curry in the freezer that needs using.  I may or I may not have konjac rice.  If I do, I'll have to have the other half of the pack tomorrow as it doesn't freeze at all well, annoyingly.  I'll definitely have a salad on the side though.
SW:  one syn for the konjac rice and one for some mayo while the rest is speed/free

D:  steak, mushroom sauce, chips and veg; yogurt
I have a very small fillet steak in the freezer which I will hammer out so it looks bigger.
I'll make the sauce with a bit of veg stock, quark and a bit of cornflour, I think.
SW:  up to one syn for some cornflour and half for the yogurt

E:  kettle exercises

maybe one healthy extra A for milk
maybe one healthy extra B for oat bran
three and a half syns

From the freezer:
little steak
keema curry


  1. Morning Joy. As a T2 diabetic, the advice is to limit fruit - whilst it's healthy and good for us, it does contain a lot of sugar in the form of fructose - not healthy and good for diabetics. And we're advised to only eat berries, or a hard fruit such as an apple or pear, but only occasionally. All other fruits are off limits, far too much sugar. I know you're not diabetic, but I have often thought you do eat a lot of fruit - this is in no way a criticism, just an observation. xx

    1. I do eat a lot of fruit and vegetables - I love them and they satisfy my sweet tooth much better than chocolate, etc.
      I've never had any hint of diabetes so I expect it's OK. My fruit is mostly apples, pears and oranges of various kinds.
      But you're right, they are sugar, naturally occurring rather than processed and added.

  2. I love fruit and Slimming World suits me for that reason - you know they've put millions into their research so just go for it, I say! A non-diabetic can cope. Yesterday I ate an apple, some blueberries, some cherries, 2 satsumas and a banana. And at weigh-in I lost 2lbs! My daughter lost 3lbs so received her half stone award - so proud of her! Good luck for yours.

    1. Congratulations to you both - you are doing amazingly well.
      And thanks.

  3. Here's some advice I picked up from the nutritionist. All sugars, naturally occurring in fruit or processed sugars, spike your blood sugars - this applies to everyone not just to diabetics or people in danger of developing diabetes. The aim is to sort your diet out so that your body does not experience the extreme high blood sugar spikes and low blood sugar drops. People who do well with weight management are known to keep these highs and lows under control and not managing it is known to make it harder to lose weight for some people. Her recommendation is that if, for example, you were eating 8 portions of fruit and veg a day you should aim for 2 portions of fruit and 6 portions of veg, and try to eat the fruit earlier in the day. Also be aware of the sugar content of the different types of fruit. Also, her recommendation is that every meal or snack you eat should contain some protein, so if you have an apple add a few nuts or a spoonful of nut butter.

    I don't know how any of this advice fits in with SW, but thought you'd be interested. Another thing is that spikes in blood sugar can impact on sleep.

    1. I forgot to say to remember that everyone's response to foods is individual to them so although nutritional advice is to eat more veg than fruit, it may be that for you the amount of fruit you eat is fine. xx

    2. Thanks, Eileen. I appreciate your advice very much and agree, responses are very personal. I think that overall I do eat more veg than fruit but it's something to keep an eye on.