Wednesday 12 January 2022

Wednesday, 12-01-22

 Good morning!

Yesterday's meals:

I really do like this roulade recipe.  It may take a little time and trouble and washing up but it is so delicious, almost cakey but not quite and you can have whatever fruit/flavourings you want with it.   Yesterday I used vanilla essence and some sweetener plus the no added sugar strawberry jam.  It was so good.  xx

Lunch was the leftovers from the chicken/turkey in the red pepper sauce and on top I sprinkled 30g fresh wholemeal breadcrumbs ( half a B or three syns ) and 30g finely grated cheddar (one A). It went in a 180 oven for about fifteen minutes and it worked really well with a good old simple salad.
I also had a pear, two easy peelers and some grapes.

And then, what with tiredness and an emotional afternoon sorting out old clothes including some of Mum's that I brought home and have never, ever worn, I rather lost it in the evening so no photos and no recriminations, back on it today.
I am so glad I have this blog - saying that here makes it real!

Today's plans:

B:  porridge, fruit and choccy sauce
SW:  half a healthy extra A, one healthy extra B and one and a half syns for a tbsp choccy sauce (Groovy Food Co.)

L:  lentil burrito bowl (from the new SM book, Va Va Vegan); fruit
I have cooked green lentils in the freezer so this will really just be a construction job.  I hope it is OK
SW:  the book says half a syn per serving so who am I to argue?

D:  sweet and sticky chicken, rice, salad; yogurt
This one is from the new Slimming Eats book, p 211.  I have all the ingredients in and it looks pretty straightforward.
SW:  one tbsp maple syrup is two syns or a tbsp agave nectar is one and a half syns - I could use either.  Dessert is half a syn

E:  Lindsey's kettle exercises; personal training

half a healthy extra A
one healthy extra B
four and a half syns max

From the freezer:


  1. Sounds like a day of two halves. Once I go back to class once release, I will be doing this too, time allowing.

    1. IT was rather.
      When do you think you will be back at work?