Wednesday 19 January 2022

Wednesday, 19-01-22

 Good morning

The nice thing about having a roast chicken on Sunday is that one can do the old fashioned thing of using up the leftovers over the next week.  I remember we always had cold Sunday roast with mash and baked beans on Mondays as a child - although I'm sure we didn't, we just had it enough to imprint on my memory!
It's enough of a thing that, if one Googles 'left over chicken recipe' there are loads and loads of options.  I think it is great!
Yesterday's meals:

Three eggs because no toast and very nice they were too.
The mayo looks weird and I really should have used a bigger plate.  This was very tasty as leftovers usually are.
I then had a pear and two easy peelers. and later on, another pear.

Leftovers pie and loads of lovely veg.  Just delicious.

The day's food ended with a Mullerlight.  All on plan !  Yay!

Today's plans:

B:  cooked breakfast:  bacon, egg, hash browns, tomatoes and mushrooms
I will see how the hash browns I froze last week come out.  I am just wondering whether it would have been better to cook them and then freeze them . . .
Hopefully they will be OK.
SW:  speed and free unless I have some sauce.  The hash browns are half a syn for five and I'm having two so won't count them.

L:  cheesy chicken quesadilla, salad; fruit
I have plenty of chicken bits to use and a very little bit of cranberry sauce so that's all good.
SW:  one healthy extra A and one B, one syn for cranberry sauce and maybe one syn for mayo on the salad

D:  chicken risotto, veg on the side; yogurt
Obviously, this will be an adapted risotto without the wine and will use up  - surprise, surprise - leftovers!!
SW:  one healthy extra A for some parmesan and half a syn for yogurt

E:  kettle exercises and an hour of personal training

two healthy extra As
one healthy extra B
three and a half syns max

From the freezer:
hash browns


  1. I've yet to make a quesadilla but might give it a go this coming weekend. I bet they are tasty.

    1. They are nice but I used the wrong word - I means a toastie. Sorry!
      I love quesadillas with pulse/bean kinds of fillings - it's lovely!

  2. Hi Joy, it's really hard getting your head back into the right place after Christmas. But I take eat day as it comes. I'm back blogging after a long break in the hope I can refocus. Tania x

    1. You've hit the nail right on the head there, Tania. It is hard. Yesterday went better and today (so far) is OK too. Fingers crossed for us both. xx