Saturday 15 January 2022

Saturday, 15-01-22: A quick one


Half a pound off at group.  Not huge but off so I'm happy with that.

The eggs in the actifry worked.  Maybe a little bit overdone, especially the second one because I forgot to bash it!
Next time I will try 200 for six minutes instead and see how that work.

Today's plans:
B:  not sure, probably fruit and yogurt

L:  leek and potato soup, croutons, grated cheese; fruit

D:  cheesy pasta bake, salad, garlic bread; yogurt

Have a super and healthy day!  x


  1. Hope you are having fun with your friend. Well done on the weight loss. It makes no difference how much it is as long as it's a loss.

    1. Exactly! Off is off! :-)
      Thanks, Cherie

  2. Congratulations on the weight loss. Are the actifry eggs soft boiled in shell and if so, how do you cook them please? Do you know if is possible to cooked poached eggs in the actifry?

    1. Thanks.
      They were what I would call slightly over soft boiled, especially the second one, probably because I forgot to bash it on the head when I took it out. Next time, I am trying seven minutes at 180 instead of 200 and see if that makes any difference. And if that's no0t quite right, six minutes at 200 . . . and so on until I find my happy boiled egg place!
      I just put the eggs in the actifry bowl, removing the paddle, obviously, and set it, turning the eggs (I did two) over half way through the time.
      Dead easy and no pan to wipe out.

      I haven't tried poaching but I would think if you have one of those poaching pods, it should work. Not if you prefer the crack into simmering water way though.
      I'll give it a go next week and feed (ouch) back to you.