Thursday 13 January 2022

Thursday, 13-01-22

 Good morning!

Back on track now.  Yesterday's meals went really well so I'm relieved.  

I got an email from Jen checking I was going to SW on Friday.  Poor love, she has tested positive for Covid so, obviously, can't be there this Friday.  She's got a colleague stepping in to actually take the meeting.
I don't know if she reads this but, if she does, get well soon, Jen.  We will miss you very much.

Yesterday's meals:

Good old porridge.  There's very little better to start the day than porridge, is there.  The topping is raspberries and thawed black cherries.  Scrummy!
Oh, my word, this was absolutely gorgeous.  The lentil burrito bowl from the new SW Va Va Vegan book.  I really wasn't sure about it and, yes, it took a bit of time but wow!  The only thing I might change is the dressing - yogurt and chipotle paste.  I might change the yogurt to lighter crème fraiche and pay the extra syns.
SW portions are quite big so I have some leftovers for today,  They're all mixed together and I might use a wrap, grate some cheese, make some more dressing (with yogurt) and turn the leftovers into a spicy quesadilla.

Such a delicious dinner too.  Slimming Eats' sweet and sticky chicken and I had it with wedges and sweet corn**

The recipe is available online and I followed it pretty much to the letter.
It is possible that the plate got licked clean in order not to waste a single drop of that sweet, sticky sauce.  You never know!
I finished with a yogurt and felt totally satisfied.

**  It's amazing how much corn you get in one of those small cans.  I had some with the burrito bowl, spooned some off for tomorrow's lunch and still had a good portion left for dinner.

Today's plans:

B:  bacon, egg, hash browns, tomatoes, mushrooms
I have a very simple recipe for making hash browns just using canned cooked potatoes, onion, egg and seasonings which is basically what hash browns are.  Watch this space!
SW:  all free or speed

L:  leftover burrito bowl quesadilla, salad; fruit
I have a mix of the lentils, the rice, some sweetcorn and some kidney beans.  To that I will add a bit of yogurt and some chipotle paste, as in yesterday's dressing, add some grated cheddar, bung it all in half a wrap, fold the other half over and spray fry to make a quesadilla.  Should be nice with a bit of salad.
SW:  one healthy extra A, one healthy extra B and half a syn, as per the recipe (because I think that half syn was for the chipotle paste)

D:  sweet chilli beef, salad or veg; yogurt
I know this sounds very similar to yesterday's dinner but the ingredients are fairly different so - we will see.  It's another Slimming Eats recipe and does carry some syns.
Again, the recipe is available online.
SW:  half a syn for one tsp cornflour, around one syn of sweet chilli sauce and the dessert is half a syn

E:  squat challenge (which, incidentally, seems to be making a huge difference if yesterday's personal training session is anything to go by), other Kettle Exercises, maybe a walk.

one healthy extra A (possibly a bit more)
one healthy extra B
two and a half syns

From the freezer:
possibly veg


  1. I'm back on track now and have lost just over a pound since yesterday morning. Low carb and plenty of salad yesterday. Huge bacon and egg bun for breakfast today so not low carb but that's the only carbs I'll have today so not worrying about it

    1. Well done, Cherie. It's not always as easy as it sounds, getting back on track again. xx