Saturday 8 January 2022

Saturday; 08-01-22

Good morning!

A pound off yesterday.  Not as much as I had hoped but last weekend was New Year weekend so fair enough.  It's not about comparison with the others but a pound off was pretty good anyway, regardless!
Group was really busy yesterday.  A lot of people were back after taking three or four weeks off over Christmas and before.  Many more stayed for group too which was great.

There's a new SW recipe book out called Va Va Vegan.  I bought one, of course; I am just a sucker for a recipe book and it looks quite promising.

I did a bit of a trawl around a few shops yesterday (Homesense, Home Bargains and Matalan which are all in the same retail park) but there wasn't very much to be had really.  I found a pot of sugar free apricot jam but can't find it on the SW site.  It gives calories per 100g and I don't want to open it to check the weight of a tbsp but not to worry, I can check when I start using it.  I reckon it will be half a syn anyway.  I also got two jars of roasted red peppers in brine because I'm on my last jar and use them quite often.

And finally, I need to start working through some of the bags of veg I have in the freezer.  I came home with some the last time I was a Dad's, because I wanted to clear the freezer.  So I must mix the fresh veg with some frozen veg as well.

Yesterday's meals:

I separated the egg in the end and folded the bran, kvarg, yolk, etc into the well whisked egg white .  Did it make a difference?  Yes, actually I think it did.  Oat pancakes tend to be heavy because - oats, you know - and these still had the oat bran texture but they were nice and light and I liked them very much indeed.  I mixed a level tbsp. of the jam into the vanilla quark topping and the fruit was raspberries from the allotment last summer and some sweet cherries.  It was all most delicious!

Lunch was definitely soup, not casserole as all the root veg has mushed down to make a gorgeously thick mixture.
This is the last of the 'Dad' hotpot that I made with the some of the leftovers I had kept from Christmas 2020, intending to make his favourite hotpot some time in the summer.  
That never happened, of course, so I used the leftovers for myself and that's the last portion.

I then had an apple and two easy peelers
Nothing special about dinner except that I splashed a few syns on using turkey dripping instead of spray oil - I say a few, it was pretty much a tbsp which is six syns, but I had them to use so no harm done!
They definitely look nicer crinkle cut, don't you think?

A yogurt finished off the day.

Today's plans:

B:  weetabix and fruit
I dearly love the chocolate weetabix so I'm looking forward to this very much.
SW:  half a healthy extra A for 125mls milk and one healthy extra B for the weetabix

L:  bubble and squeak patty, poached egg on top, other veg; fruit
I'll cook the patty in spray oil so, apart from any sauce I might have, it's all free and speed.
SW:  perhaps one syn for some bbq or sweet chilli sauce

D:  creamy roasted red pepper and chicken pasta, side veg; yogurt
This is from the new PoN book, p 100 and, apart from some Philly light, I think it is pretty much free.  The sauce looks really nice - onion, garlic, roasted red peppers, passata, low fat cream cheese, balsamic vinegar, Henderson's relish and stock, with paprika and basil (I will skip the basil).
I know I am trying to make space in the freezers but this looks such a useful pasta sauce that I think I will make up all four portions of sauce and freeze three portions.  You can't go wrong with a good basic pasta sauce and they are so much nicer than the jarred ones.
SW:  25g of Philly light is two syns and the dessert is half a syn

E:  squat challenge (already done) and  I have discovered some exercise clips on the SW site so I might try one of them.

half a healthy extra A
one healthy extra B
three and a half syns

From the freezer:
bubble and squeak patty
some veg


  1. Yayyyy, well done. A pound off is better than a pound on. Especially given that it was New Year last weekend. I do love the look of the crinkle chips. I'd crinkle cut cucumber slices and carrots for salads in the summer. In fact everything possible would be getting crinkle cut. :-)

    1. I was thinking that! And if you cut potato slices one way and then the other, you get a sort of waffley effect.

      Thanks - I was happy with a pound; one always hopes for more but a pound is good!