Sunday 2 January 2022

Sunday, 02-01-22

Good morning
I've been pondering strategies and, just for myself really, here's what they are for January:

1.  a dry January

2.  continue with intermittent fasting when possible - an 8-16 structure - I'm used to it now

3.  use up freezer meals - I have finished my audit and, while the situation is loads better than it was before, there's still enough to keep me fed for ages, specially with all the added turkey.  Given that it's winter and not salad weather, I note that there are a number of pots of stuff that will be fine for hot lunches.

4.  follow the Slimming World plan with no cheats for a month - by that I mean the little tweaks that I make to the SW 'rules' when I think they are silly - I'll go back to them but just for this month . . . I just need that 'strictness' for a few weeks.

5.  however, to complement 4, keep a close eye on the 'white carbs' - not too much white pasta, rice, potatoes, etc

6.  continue to look out for recipes that inspire me - it's hard to explain but some recipes just don't while some make me really want to try them and look forward to them

Yesterday's meals:

In the end I just put bacon and egg in a pitta and it was lovely.  

I'm continuing to use the Christmas china until the 6th.  I'm a Twelfth Night kinda girl!
Lovely leftovers for lunch and I added some cranberry sauce for one syn and a Yorkie from the freezer for two.

Later on I had an apple and two easy peelers.

The turkey curry was delicious.  It actually made five portions so that's four for the freezer.

Then I had a kvarg.

And that was that!

Today's plans:

B:  fruit roulade
. . . using two eggs and some fruit from the freezer.
SW:  half a syn for some flavoured yogurt or kvarg

L:  turkey, cheese and cranberry quesadilla; salad bits on the side; fruit
Loadsa leftovers here!  Even the grated cheese is some I grated the other day and never used.
SW:  one to two healthy extra As for grated cheddar, one healthy extra B for the wrap

D:  turkey, bacon and mushroom potato topped pie, side veg; yogurt
I'll use some of the turkey stock with some cornflour to make a sauce for the turkey, bacon and mushrooms and might be able to top the mashed potato with some grated cheddar, depending on how much I use in the quesadilla; or I could syns some, couldn't I?
SW:  cornflour is half a syn per tsp - I doubt I will need more than two tsps; half a syn for the yogurt and I think the rest is free.

E:  I keep thinking it is Monday and circuits but no, it is Sunday and it will be general housework, ironing, etc.

two healthy extra As
one healthy extra B
probably two syns

From the freezer:
a wrap
and saving turkey from the freezer by having some for two out of three meals!

However, I will be freezing some pots of turkey breast slices in gravy and more just sliced and wrapped in single portions, like the ham.


  1. Some nice suggestions there Joy. I'll be thinking up a gazillion ways to use up the leftovers until they are all gone,

    1. Creativity is the name of the game, isn't it?

  2. Sounds a good strategy, Joy. Do whatever works for you and you feel comfortable with. xx