Sunday 30 January 2022

Sunday, 30-01-22

Good morning, everyone.
I so enjoyed yesterday's food.  It was so delicious and good and filling too.  Lovely jubbly!

Yesterday's meals:

A most uninspiring photo of a deliciously simple breakfast - choccy weetabix with oat milk.  So good!

I didn't have the planned fruit.  Later on, I fancied something but fruit didn't wing it.  Instead, I had some baby beets (the pickled kind) and they hit the mark perfectly.  

Leftovers can be lovely, can't they?  These certainly were and I chopped some red pepper, cucumber and tomatoes to go on the side.  Nice and crunchy.
Afterwards I had three tiny easy peelers for afters.

Later on, I had a cuppa to try out the oat milk and liked it.  It didn't lighten the drink as much as cow's milk does but that was OK.

Well, Pinch of Nom have done it yet again.  This was amazing.
I thought I had found a link but it took me to a 'buy this book' ad and it's so new out that I really don't feel I can reproduce anything here.  It's p 50 of the new book.

I added too much beaten egg to the meatball mixture so had to add about 20g wholemeal breadcrumbs to compensate and I think it made them better.  They weren't in the least dry or hard of texture.
Quite spicy.  Fine for me but if you don't like spice, use less (or no) sriracha sauce.
As you can see, I had mixed corn and peas and at the back there's some basmati rice too.  The leftovers from both of those went into the savoury mince in the slow cooker!
I finished off with a kvarg.

Today's plans:

B:  overnight oats
I haven't had this for ages and it's about time.
I used to struggle to think of different breakfasts - now I have so many that I like, it can be hard to choose and I go by how I feel when I think through the list (and which A and B choices I have to play with.
I mixed it all up overnight using oat milk and fruit from the freezer
SW:  I'm not using up enough oat milk for half a healthy A so I will call it two syns, one healthy extra B

L:  roast lamb dinner - lamb, roasties, roast parsnips, selection of veg; fruit
I have Beth and Alex over so I'm splashing out.  I'll be making a beany crumble for Beth.
SW:  around one syn for some oil (for the roasted veg) and half a syn for some mint sauce.  The rest should all be free/speed

D:  macaroni cheese with broccoli and cauliflower; yogurt
I'm going to use the weird recipe again and add to it onion, pepper and mushroom plus pouring it over cauliflower and broccoli so it's a sort of cauliflower cheese thingy.  And this time I will use some oat milk which, the internet assures me, is perfectly stable for cooking with.  Also, I'm going to try for a sort of fondue vibe using a mix of gruyere and emmental. I've bought some of each, grated it all up and popped it in the freezer for other melty cheese based things after this.  They are both healthy extra As for 30g
SW:  one and a half healthy extra As, I'm counting one syn for a bit of oat milk although I doubt it will be as much as that and half a syn for dessert

E:  kettle exercises, 

one and a half healthy extra As
one healthy extra B
four syns

From the freezer:
half leg of lamb
bean and veg mix
savoury crumble topping
mixed peppers

Into the freezer:
several portions of cooked savoury mince

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