Saturday 8 January 2022

Recipe: light and fluffy oat bran pancakes

 Light and fluffy oat bran pancakes

Ingredients for one portion (around five little pancakes)
one egg, separated into two bowls
40g oat bran (or you could use oats, blended to a powder
one pot of Mullerlight or Lindahl’s kvarg
a pinch of baking powder
skinny syrup or other flavouring of choice – I used half a tbsp
water or milk – just a splash
one tbsp reduced sugar jam (optional)
selection of fruit, ether fresh or from the freezer (defrosted)

With a hand held whisk, whisk the egg white to firm peaks. Set aside
Add the oats, one dollop of the kvarg or yogurt, the skinny syrup and the baking powder to the egg yolk, mix it all well and add a splash of water or milk to dilute it slightly if necessary.
Fold the yolk mixture into the whites very gently. It doesn’t take long.
Fry a measure at a time in a pan, using spray oil, if needed, and keep warm until they’re all cooked. It takes a couple of minutes on each side but keep checking!

While the pancakes are cooking, mix the jam with the remaining yogurt or kvarg (optional step but it is nice) and prep the fruit, if necessary.

Arrange the pancakes on a warm plate, spoon over the yogurt/kvarg and top with the fruit. Eat immediately.

SW values:

the oat bran/oats is a healthy extra B
the Mullerlight or kvarg is half a syn
The baking powder is too little to count, as is the splash of milk, but you could call it half a syn to ‘protect your weight loss’
the Skinny Food CO strawberry jam is half a syn per level tbsp – but check if you use another brand


  1. A pound down is better than a pound on! Your food looks lovely as always x

    1. Absolutely right every time. I'm happy with that. xx