Sunday 14 March 2021

Recipe: frozen fruit foam

A really light, tasty dessert that is easy to make, costs zero syns* on Slimming world and contains around 35 calories per portion, depending on which fruit you use.

You need:
150g of frozen fruit
one and a half tbsp skinny syrup (the 0 calories kind) of own choice
one egg white**

The Thermomix method:
Weigh in the frozen fruit and chop at speed 6 for 20 to 30 seconds until fruit is like fine breadcrumbs.  It won't mush or release juice as it's frozen.
Use the spatula to push down the side.
Attach the whisk.
Add the skinny syrup (or it can be two tsp icing sugar or sweetener, if you wish - change the calories/syns accordingly) and one egg white.
Whisk for three minutes at speed 3.5.

And that's it - done.  Take off the lid and admire.  It's even more dramatic if you use double amounts!

This is enough for two.

This was made using frozen peach and nectarine slices.

Method by hand:

Chop the fruit in whatever blender you have.  I used my mini chopper in two goes.  A bigger machine would do it all at once.  My stick blender didn't work at all.

This is how it should look.

Add the skinny syrup (see above for other options) and one egg white.

Using an electric hand whisk, whip it all up for around three minutes or so until it is light and fluffy - like this. 

Again, it's enough for two and I used peach and nectarine slices and topped the amount up with strawberries, hence the slightly pink tinge.

You can eat it straight off or keep it in the fridge for half an hour or so.  After that, I believe it starts separating although I've never left it long enough to check.  Perhaps I should!

Or you can pile it into a freezer-proof container and pop it in the freezer to make a frozen dessert.  Just take it out ten minutes before you need it and scoop it into a bowl, as in the photo at the top.  I freeze it in single portions and that works well for me.

It would go further if it served four as a topping for a fruit salad or similar.

I have made this with frozen black cherries and a chocolate caramel skinny syrup and it was gorgeous!!  I think pretty much any frozen fruit will work although I've not tried it with pineapple which is more fibrous and I do wonder whether water melon would be just too watery.  One of these days, I will try.

* Slimming World has this rather silly (in my opinion) rule about synning things like skinny syrups/sweeteners, etc, if you have more than a certain amount.  Skinny syrups are 0 calories so I really don't see why.
They also say you should syn blended fruit.  I don't - again, it's silly (again, in my opinion)!

**This is more important.  This recipe contains uncooked egg so please, if you are pregnant or in any other way vulnerable to uncooked egg, don't eat this.


  1. I Googled this after reading about it on one of your previous posts. It sounds fabulous and I am planning on trying all different varieties of fruit. Hopefully I will get a good crop of strawberries this summer and will be able to freeze some.

    1. I think made with garden produce, it will be absolutely fabulous.

    2. If you want something a bit more lavish, folding it with some whipped double cream and maybe some meringue, like an eton mess, would be great. Or even just with meringue and no cream.