Monday 22 March 2021

Monday, 22-03-21

 Good morning.
That veg box was a great purchase.  I've cooked the swede (see below) and have some left for another day or to add to something else.  Or does cooked swede freeze?  I must check that one out.
Beth has taken some and the rest is earmarked for meals this week.

Yesterday's meal photos:

It's amazing how delicious a few simple fruits can be - apple, pear and orange with some natural yogurt and a bit of skinny syrup.   Mmmmmmm.
This was off plan because of the dessert but I dearly love slow roast lamb and this was absolutely delicious.  It's was the last of last year's runner bean harvest and every last bean got eaten.  I have carrot, broccoli and cabbage left over for dinner today - I quick five minutes in the steamer or even less in the microwave.
There's also some left over lamb - I have something planned for Tuesday!
I over-whipped the cream for the fool, silly me, but it was gorgeous all the same.  Lesson learned!  I will try to make a less calorific version with yogurt, quark and skinny syrup which sounds a bit of an abomination but might work quite well, especially as the rhubarb is so very delicious..

I forgot to take a photo of the evening meal, ooops.

Today's plans:

B:  an apple
It's all change with timings today.  Beth is round at 12:30 for lunch which is a fair bit earlier than I usually eat so I'm just having an apple.  I find apples quite filling.
SW:  speed
51 calories

L:  a mixed platter of spicy mixed beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, fried egg, toast; strawberry foam
The spicy beans are leftovers and the resat is what I would likely have had for breakfast.  The strawberry foam is a bit of nostalgia - when I had my Thermomix demo, one of the things Leonie made was this - with real sugar and other bits and bobs, a posher version, but essentially the same dish and we both loved it.
SW:  one healthy extra B and two syns for spread.  The rest is free or speed
405 calories

D:  cottage pie with cheesy swede and butternut squash topping, assorted veg; yogurt
The other half of the chilli I had on Saturday with a not-potato topping.  I did a singing swede thing in the microwave to cook the swede.  I've heard of this before but never done it before; I will again though as it was so easy and the swede flavour was lovely.  I've weighed 100g of the cooked swede, cooked 125g frozen butternut squash (in the microwave again) and mashed the two together.  I've added the egg yolk left over from making the rhubarb fool yesterday, added sundry seasonings and topped the chilli mixture with it.  A topping of grated cheese and half an hour warming in the oven and bob's your uncle, a very easy, tasty and healthy dish.  There's cabbage, carrot and broccoli left over from yesterday so it really is the easiest dinner in the world. 
SW:  all free/speed apart from a healthy extra A for grated cheese and half a syn for yogurt
614 calories

Body Magic:  Day 57 of the 100 day challenge:  core exercises this morning and this afternoon Beth and I are round the allotment (which is why she's round for lunch first)

one healthy extra A
one healthy extra B
two and a half syns
1070 calories, but I will probably have some fruit when I get home from the allotment because it will be way too early for dinner.

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