Friday 19 March 2021

Friday, 19-03-21

 Good morning, everyone.
It was a maintain yesterday so I stay in my target zone, which I am really happy with.  I'd like to get a bit lower, obviously, but a maintain is fine after an indulgent weekend.

I couldn't find my camera yesterday (it was in my bag, doh!) and never though to use my phone!  Today, I have decided to take a day off from counting and synning and so on and just have what comes to hand.  It may be 'good', it may be 'bad', I'm not worried.

Tomorrow I will be right back on track again so see you then!  xx


  1. Whether it's good or bad won't matter as long as you thoroughly enjoy it.

    1. I have, thanks, but am ready to eat clean again - or cleaner. xx