Tuesday 30 March 2021

Tuesday, 30-03-21

 Good morning!
You can tell I'm feeling much improved - I've picked up the camera again!
Unfortunately, the last week and a half has not been great for the old weight but there you go - feed a cold, they say, and indeed I did!!
Some damage done but nothing that cannot be repaired.  :-)

Yesterday's food photos.

Breakfast was an apple and an orange, just as they come, no fruit salad type chopping up, no photo.

Two photos of lunch as I couldn't decide which to use!
You can tell the the sun was shining so salad was the name of the side.  The pitta had a bit of cranberry jelly, a stack of chicken and some sliced cheddar, toasted in my lovely microwave toastie maker.  It was delicious.
I only used 45g cheddar, not the planned 60, so that left 15g to go over the dinner rather than paying three syns.  

Dinner was really nice too.  In the end I cooked 50g pasta, described on Nutracheck as a 'small portion' and it was plenty.

Today's plans:

B:  apple, pear and orange
As the weather gets better, fruit for breakfast is more enticing again.
SW:  speedy fruit

L:  chicken salad with mango and sweet chilli dipping sauce; fruit
I fell for the sauce at M&S yesterday.  Few of these sauces are too high in syns as long as you measure them; better than an oily dressing, for sure.  The chicken is Sunday leftovers.
SW:  one syn for some mayo in the home made coleslaw and one syn for the sauce

D:  chicken and chickpea curry, broccoli, sprouts, spray roasted parsnips, yogurt
I found a chickpea curry in the freezer and I will add the last of the Sunday chicken to it.
SW:  one syn for the curry (the container was labelled and I'm assuming the syn is for oil used in the cooking) and half a syn for the yogurt

Body Magic:  Day 59 of the 100 day challenge:  work down the allotment.
I've looked back and my last exercise was last Tuesday, so I'm taking it from there.  I did allotment yesterday so today is day 59.

no healthy extras - I'm not fussed for just one day.  I rather overdid it with a lump of leftover cheese yesterday so it's a pay back.  I know DSW  doesn't 'do' paybacks and normally I don't, but there's a time and a place . . .
three and a half syns

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