Tuesday 9 March 2021

Tuesday, 09-03-21


I went shopping yesterday.  Happiness is definitely plenty of fruit and veg!

That should see me through the week, especially as I'm not feeding Beth and Alex on Sunday (they are feeding me!).

Yesterday's photos:

OK, so breakfast.  When I went shopping, I was a bit naughty and treated myself to a snack I have been looking for for ages.  M&S pork crackling straws.  
Here they are.  Thank you, Google Images.
There's two portion there but that would make very small portions and I crunched my way through the lot for 147 calories (says Nutracheck).  You know what - I didn't regret one mouthful.
So that was breakfast, finished off with some fresh strawberries.  Lovely jubbly and all for 247 calories.  I truly didn't want any more and it kept me going all through allotment work.
I had lunch (the all day breakfast lo dough pizza) very late and decided to just have fresh tomatoes on the side, followed by an apple.

Later on I had two easy peelers.

375 calories
Dinner was nice - a couple of little bits of cod, breadcrumbed and oven baked.
I don't normally post dessert but, as I remembered to get frozen strawberries this morning, I had a go and fruit foam, using stevia this time instead of icing sugar.
As you can see, it worked.  All that's in this bowlful is 150g frozen strawberries. two tsps stevia and one egg white.  And lots and lots of air!
I was a little piggy and ate the lot with the result that I was burping all evening.

280 calories for dinner.

Then I had a ginormous orange just before bedtime - it was lovely.

Today's food plans:

B:  scrambled eggs on toast; orange
I have an egg yolk left over from yesterday so I'll combine that with two more eggs and scramble.
SW:  the toast is one healthy extra B and two syns for some spread.
421 calories

L:  salmon and asparagus quiche, salad; fruit
Another lo dough recipe, found here and adapted by just adding some salmon and upping the cheese slightly.  I am banking on it being OK to freeze.
SW:  four and a half syns for a quarter of the quiche (synning the cheese as there's not enough to call it an A choice) 
314 calories plus salad

D:  hunter's chicken, cabbage, mushrooms; yogurt
I haven't had hunter's chicken for ages and I do love it so much.
SW:  one healthy extra A and half a syn for the yogurt
about 472 calories plus veg

Body Magic:  Day 44 of the 100 day challenge:  allotment work

one healthy extra A
one healthy extra B
seven syns
around 1350-ish calories


  1. My mouth is watering over every single thing there but now I need to go and find out what Fruit foam is

    1. Here's a link to copy and paste. It's a You Tube clip

  2. Ohhh, pork crackling straws - never knew there was such a thing, bet they're delicious. Xx

    1. I thought they were really delicious - Better than the bigger chunks.

  3. There is something very comforting about seeing plenty of fresh fruit and veg in the fridge and cupboards. I try desperately to cut down my stores but feel stressed when I haven't got much in (which to be honest is rare).

    1. SO do I, Eloise. I have quite a stock of stuff and I thing it is a comfort. Goodness knows why because I'd not go short but I guess it is deep within our genes.