Friday 5 March 2021

Friday, 05-03-21

 Good morning!
Yesterday was a maintain.  OK, but rather frustrating and I'm very glad I'm calorie counting within the SW framework for a few weeks.  It stops me feeling down about a maintain and makes me feel I am doing something about it.  Sometimes it's hard to think of what to do when generally one is eating a varied and healthy mixture of foods.  There's now a lot to give up or change really, not if I want to stay true to myself and not go bonkers over something gimmicky.
I know plateaux happen and all that but . . . it's a bit grrrrrr, nonetheless.

Yesterday's photos:

I treated myself to a fresh pineapple last shop and it is now beautifully ripe and juicy.  

Final calorie count:  270
The Count on Us four cheese ravioli was quite nice.  A bit too basil-y for my taste and the 'four cheese' bit is - er - maybe a slight exaggeration.  I am extremely glad I added 30g cheddar and popped it under the grill for five minutes or so.

I had the fruit as a snack at around four o'clock.

Final calorie count:  641

Using the leftover curry sauce worked really well, making a delicious dinner.  I'll remember that next time I have the Slimwell meal.  Also, the frozen foam was really good.

Final calorie count: 274 - surprisingly small.

Today's plans:

B:  boiled eggs and marmite toast dippers
I have a lot of favourite breakfasts and this is one of them.  It reminds me of childhood.
SW:  one healthy extra B and two syns

355 calories

L:  SW tomato soup; apple and pear
This is the 'just like Heinz' recipe which is really nice.  Chopped tomatoes, baked beans, onion, carrot, stock and seasonings all boiled up together and zizzed down.  Very satisfying.
SW:  free
293 calories

D:  steak and chips, mixed salad leaves; Mullerlight
This is low on SW but high in calories.  Mind you, it's a big chunk of steak and I might not have all of it when the time comes.
I'm thinking of turning the yogurt into an ice 'cream'.  I do love it that way.
SW:  two syns for one tsp oil, one syn for mustard and half a syn for the Millerlight
748 calories

Body Magic; day 40 of the 100 day challenge:  personal training today - three cheers!

no healthy extra A (ooops!)
one healthy extra B
three syns
1396 calories


  1. Having been 'podgy' all week I find today that my engagement ring slides on and off my finger with ease. It would hardly move rhyme or reason. Now I want a fresh pineapple after seeing that gorgeous juicy plateful

    1. It was delicious - more tomorrow, I think!
      Well done - that's a real non scale victory!