Sunday 21 March 2021

Sunday, 21-03-21

 Good morning:
Morrisons had some of their 'wonky veg' boxes for £3.00.  It contained several veg I was looking for so I got one and here's the contents.
The parsnips have been prepped for today's lunch, as have some of the carrots and half of the cabbage.  I will use one of the courgettes and pretty much all of the swede during the week, the onions are a perfect size for someone who usually cooks for one and The rest I am sure Beth will be happy top use up - carrots, a courgette and the potatoes.
I had to compost one carrot but everything else is lovely and sound.

Yesterday's meals

A cooked breakfast.

Free, speed and 173 calories
A ham salad sandwich and I added some caramelised onion chutney for extra flavour.

I had the fruit late afternoon.

Healthy extra B, four syns and 485 calories
A very tasty beef chilli with double A choice cheese for dinner.

2 x healthy extra A, one syn and 523 calories

Today's plans:  No calories because I just can't be bothered today and it would be an incomplete picture anyway without lunch.

B:  fresh fruit salad and yogurt
SW:  speed fruit and the yogurt is protein

L:  Roast lamb, roasties, loads of veg, etc; rhubarb fool
Definitely off plan, just for the one meal.  I slow roast the lamb and take of all the fat, the roasties are always done in the actifry and the veg will be carrots, parsnips, cabbage, broccoli and peas.  No skimping on the Sunday veg!
The rhubarb fool is the really naughty part - whipped cream, folded with whipped egg white, with the stewed rhubarb folded in, layered with crushed gingernuts and the cooking syrup drizzled over the top.  Mmmmmmm.
As there will be more rhubarb week after week, I might try a SW friendly equivalent using whipped quark (to make it really smooth) instead of cream and stew the rhubarb in skinny syrup/sweetener.  Not as totally delicious but I bet it will still taste good all the same and an awful lot better for me.  And no way am I synning the rhubarb just because it is cooked - does one ever have rhubarb uncooked?  It's hardly a choice, is it?
No SW values or calories - I wouldn't know where to start.
The good thing is that Beth and Alex will take pretty much all the leftovers home with them.

D:  lo dough pizza and salad; yogurt
I will have shredded roast lamb left over from lunch to go onto the pizza plus all the usual culprits.
SW:  two healthy extra As for grated cheese, two syns for the lo dough base, half a syn for yogurt

Body Magic:  Probably an online walk at some point in the morning.

Absolutely no idea because of lunch but it should keep me in calorie deficit (just)


  1. I never managed to get a wonky veg box, but once I did get a box containing 'leftovers' from Lidl for £1.50. I was thrilled by the surprise element and impressed by the quality! Your courgettes look decidedly un-wonky!

    1. Just about all of it was un-wonky and I was really pleased with the content. Beth took some, I kept some and it was £3 well spent, I reckon. I'll keep my eyes open from now on.