Tuesday 23 March 2021

Tuesday, 23-03-21

 Good morning

Yesterday's meal photos:

Well - photo. 

Breakfast was just an apple so no photo.  :-)
Lunch was with Beth here and we were so busy chatting I totally forgot.  However, it went according to plan and was very nice.  I didn't have the planned dessert, neither of us did because I didn't make it!

Dinner was delicious although I have to say a swede and butternut squash mash doesn't quite have the oral satisfaction of a proper potato mash.  I really enjoyed it, all the same.

Today's meal plans:

B:  boiled eggs and cheesy marmite toast dippers
A favourite and so very easy!
SW:  one healthy extra A for cheese triangles, one healthy extra B, three syns for spread
377 calories

L:  asparagus and salmon quiche, salad; fruit
The last of the lo dough quiche and I must set to and make another of some kind as it's been a great standby to have in the freezer.
As usual, I'll probably have the fruit at around four-ish as an afternoon snack.
SW:  four and a half syns for the quiche, maybe one syn for some mayo
383 calories

D:  leftover lamb rogan josh; shredded cabbage; strawberry foam
I saw a recipe on one of my favourite vlogger's channel on YouTube and adapted it a bit.  The vlogger is Tracy Mouse and she's doing Slimming World, losing eight stone as she did so.  She's a lovely, practical, down to earth northern lady, full of the joys of life and always ready to have a chat via her vlog.
Anyway - this recipe uses leftover lamb, which I have, and I made half quantities but added extra veg and a home made tomato and veg sauce I had in the freezer from when I had hunter's chicken and made too much sauce.
I made it yesterday because I really think curries are better second day; the spices and flavours mature so much.
Instead of rice, I will make a lo dough bowl using one of my taco moulds.  You just push the lo dough into the mould and leave it in a warmish oven to bake hard.  It's a nice way of serving it.
I have the last of the Sunday roast cabbage so I guess I need to have that on the side too.  I wonder if I could spice it up a bit - maybe I'll do a search.  Or do you have any ideas?
SW:  two syns for the lo dough and I'm pretty sure the rest is free
321 calories which seems remarkably low but I didn't count all the spices which might add another 40 onto the total.  It is packed with veg . . .

Body Magic:  Day 58 of the 100 day challenge; more allotment work - moving and spreading bark chippings!

one healthy extra A
one healthy extra B
ten and a half syns
1159 calories (again, rather low - I'll have a think about how I can add calories but not syns!  :-) )


  1. Try this recipe as a starting point with the cabbage. There's plenty of other recipes if you search for Indian Spiced Cabbage