Wednesday 10 March 2021

Wednesday, 10-03-21

 Good morning.

Yesterday's meals:

This was more filling than it looks in the photo and very welcome after nearly two hours down the allotment.  Quite hefty on calories though - with a large orange, it was 502 calories
The lo dough quiche worked very well and was great.  There's now three more portions in the freezer.

Later on I had an apple and three easy peelers and it all came to 340 calories

And then I totally forgot to take a photo of dinner until I uploaded the photos and found it was not there.  I decided not to add any more veg to the onion, pepper and mushroom in the Hunter's chicken sauce to make it a one=pot and It went down a treat.  No room for anything else.  403 calories.

 Today's meals:

B:  Tropical porridge
Pineapple and coconut skinny syrup makes a delicious porridge.
SW:  one healthy extra B, half an A
273 calories

L:  Leftovers curry; fruit
I have a fair number of leftovers - baked beans, passata and a little bit of salmon plus some asparagus stalks that look fairly nice and tender, even though the tips have gone (into yesterday's quiche).
I thought I'd try a throw it all in together sort of thing with bits of this and that from the freezer and fridge.  Onion, pepper, mushroom, corn, peas - that sort of stuff - and I have a vegetable curry spice mix to spice it all up.  I might strain the baked beans a bit.
It might work, it might be horrible.  I'll let you know.
(and I think I will cook the asparagus stalks separately, just to see.  I hate them 'woody'.)
SW:  It should be all speed and free, I think
A rough estimate is around 400 calories but I won't know for sure until I have measured everything that I am 'throwing' in.  I'll work it all out when I've made it.

D:  Slimwell pork and red pepper sausage and bean casserole; toffee cherry ice cream
I've had this ready meal before and rather liked it.  It's a huge portion and I won't need anything else with in - indeed, there might be leftovers for tomorrow's lunch
The 'ice cream' is just some toffee yogurt and some frozen cherries zizzed together.  It goes into a semi-frozen 'mush' and is rather nice.
SW:  six and a half syns and half a syn for the yogurt
507 calories

Body Magic:  day 45 of the 100 day challenge:  personal training today.

half a healthy extra A
one healthy extra B
seven syns
around 1200 calories, estimated

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