Wednesday 3 March 2021

Wednesday, 03-03-21

 Good morning.
I'm really enjoying using Nutracheck to track my calories at the moment.  Having an app makes it so much more accessible and when I fired off a question to them yesterday, I had a reply within a couple of hours which is very good going.
It's colourful too - that doesn't make any difference to its functionality but it does make it pleasant to use!  Lots of little thumbnail pictures to brighten things up.

Yesterday's meal photos.

A very tasty breakfast although I think brown sauce would have been better than bbq sauce.  
Lunch - leftovers from a couple of weeks ago.  It was OK but I don't think I'll be making it again.
Dinner was better - delicious spicy marinaded kebabs with some fresh veg, followed by some natural yogurt with skinny syrup.   Mmmmmmm

Today's plans:

B:  poached eggs on toast and marmite, tomato on the side
SW:  one healthy extra B for two slices wholemeal toast, two syns for spread
382 calories

L:  lo dough pizza, side salad; fruit
This has be come a great favourite.  It's so quick and so easy and is most satisfying.  Lo dough can be hard to get - it is only available from the company and they sell out very quickly.  If you have been frustrated, go onto the site around 12:15 midday and they should have some available.  It goes very quickly so I've now got a subscription thing going.  
SW:  the lo dough base is two syns, the sauce is two syns, the cheese is one healthy extra A and the toppings and side salad should be free
348 calories

D:  Slimwell chicken tikka masala, protein rice, veg on the side; strawberry foam
I've had this before and like it very much indeed.  It is supposed to be one portion but I doubt very much I will be able to get through it in one sitting.
The strawberry foam isn't the same as 'fluff', it is a Thermomix recipe.  You chip frozen strawberries (or other fruit), add icing sugar and mix that, then add an egg white and beat it with the whisk blades for three minutes by which time the whole lot is light, fluffy and 'foamy'.
Here's a YouTube clip showing how it is done.  

I want to try making it using sweetener or skinny syrup as well but not this time.  You can use other fruits as long as they are frozen and a juicy fruit rather than a fibrous one.
SW:  the tikka masala is two syns, the protein rice is one syn and the strawberry foam is one syn

424 calories

Body Magic:  Day 38 of the 100 day challenge:  a walking video on You tube.  I've put back the personal training until Friday and I'm glad I did; the back is feeling so much better and I want to keep it that way.
Yes, I've missed a few days but never mind.  Can't be helped!

one healthy extra A
one healthy extra B
ten syns
1154 calories 


  1. I managed to place an order for lo dough on Monday after trying for several days! I must admit the difficulty in placing the order raises the anticipation levels, but don't entirely see why they can't just take an order to be filled when the next lot is made... ah well. Mine is due to be delivered today and I am excited :)

    1. Don't expect too much in terms of flavour! It's jolly useful though, for pizza bases - it makes pizzas accessible to me again. I really MUST try it as a 'shell' for a quiche sometime soon.
      I guess, as a small company, there's just a limit to how many they can make in a day and they reach saturation point. At least the do open up daily, unlike some where products are unavailable for weeks sometimes.
      Now I have a subscription, there should be no problems.

  2. So far, it's tasted pretty good. :-)

  3. Once again your meals look good. I'm using calories at the moment. I've got the free app version of my fitness pal. My Garmin links with it so I know what calories I've earned walking etc.

    1. That sounds great. Good luck to us both, eh?