Wednesday 24 March 2021

Wednesday, 24-03-21

 Good morning!
Look what arrived in the post yesterday.  I had no idea Jen was posting things out; last lockdown we were given them at the first meeting back - and it took for ever so I guess that's why!

I'm running out of shiny sticker space!

Yesterday's photos:

Breakfast; a nice, old fashioned boiled eggs and dippers.  Toasty soldiers, we used to call them.  It makes a very filling breakfast, perfect for just after a stint at the allotment.

The last of the freezer quiche for lunch with a salad.

The leftovers curry was amazing and the cabbage worked.  I spray fried some onion, added some garlic and ginger puree and some veg curry spice mix plus the dregs of a jar of wholegrain mustard, a splash of water and the cooked cabbage.  Not bad.
I didn't bother with the lo dough 'bowl'.

Today's plans:

B:  just fruit
Not feeling 100% so sticking to cold and simple today
SW: speed/free

L:  beans on toast
SW:  one healthy extra B, two syns for spread

D:  a Sainsbury's pizza, salad
. . . one of the thin crust, low calorie (for a pizza) kind with some lettuce and tomato
SW:  would you believe twenty four and a half syns for the pizza - 482 calories - so that's ridiculous as around 500 calories for a dinner is perfectly reasonable.
502 calories

Body Magic:  taking a rest day today because of not feeling great.  I've cancelled PT.

one healthy extra A (cheese on the pizza and milk for cuppas)
one healthy extra B
26 1/2 syns
around 1100 calories


  1. Sorry you're not feeling great, Joy - I'm not either, must be something going about. Hopefully it'll be shortlived, for both of us. Take care, enjoy a restful day xx

    1. Oh, poor you. I'm sorry to read that. Are you feeling a bit better this morning?