Friday 26 March 2021

Friday, 26-03-21

 Good morning.  Back to it today!

My plans for today are:

B:  fresh fruit and a yogurt
Probably an apple, a pear and a couple of plums.  I'm a bit short on fruit and need to stock up.
SW:  the fruit is all speed fruit and the yogurt is half a syn
255 calories

L:  scrambled eggs/baked beans on toast
I have half a can of baked beans left and Beth is over for lunch so I'll give her the choice.  My guess is she'll have a bit of both
SW:  two slices bread for one heathy extra B and the rest is free/protein
370 calories

D:  Pizza and salad; 
That poor pizza!  Planned for three days.  I HAVE to have it this time as it has thawed in my fridge and must be consumed today.
SW:  too many  syns to mention!  
1187 calories

Body Magic:  I'll see how I feel today (still not totally 100%) and start the challenge again from when I do start proper BM once more.

one healthy extra A (for cups of tea and the cheese on the pizza)
one healthy extra B
far too many syns to count . . . but . . .
1245 calories

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  1. Tasty and healthy - good choices. Oh, how I yearn for pizza but it has too many carbs for me!