Saturday 13 March 2021


Yesterday was proper back on track after Thursday evening's little blow out.  Today will be the same!

Yesterday's photos:

No photo of breakfast - it was just an apple.

Lunch was a bit breakfast-y.  I must do this more often - it was delicious!

570 calories, including the fruit I had later on
The steak was worth the wait!

520 calories
As was the dessert.  Frozen fruit foam is not only quick and easy to make, it is also low in calories at just 33 for one portion.

I'm going to make more of this to keep in the freezer.  It's brilliant.  I must try making it with a hand held whisk and see if it works as well as in Thermione.

Today's plans:

B:  smoked haddock, poached or fried egg, mushrooms and tomatoes
I'll probably poach the haddock in milk.
SW:  all free and speed except for a bit of a healthy extra A for the poaching liquor
217 calories

L:  a portion of asparagus and salmon tart, salad; apple, pear and orange
The tart is the one I made using a lo dough crust.  I froze the other three portions at the time.  As usual, I will keep the fruit until later on in the afternoon
SW:  four and a half syns for the tart (it contains light crème fraiche) and a bit of a healthy extra A
506 calories plus salad - fruit carries more of a calorie load than one thinks.

D:  chicken and veg curry, protein rice; frozen fruit foam
Earlier in the week I made a veg and bean curry with various leftover and bits and bobs.  I should have had it yesterday but didn't, as I was going to the dentist and - you know, spicy breath.
So I will add some chicken to this and it should make a substantial but healthy dinner.
SW:  one syn for the not-rice and I think the rest will be SW free
351 calories 

Body Magic:  Day 48 of the 100 day challenge:  some allotment work

one healthy extra A (I will use the rest in cuppas)
no Bs today
five and a half syns
1074 calories plus salad

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