Tuesday 2 March 2021

Tuesday, 02-03-21

 Good morning.  
Yesterday, I was thinking - always a dangerous thing.  At this point last year, close-ish to target, I started focusing on calories as a way of monitoring portion sizes and content.  I think I'm going to do that again and have taken out a six month subscription to Nutracheck.  Last time I used Weight Loss Resources but WLR doesn't have a scanning app and Nutracheck does which just gives it the edge as, apart from that, they are much of a muchness as far as what they offer the client.  I'm still using the SW structure, that will always be the case but I'm also going to watch the calories more carefully, just for a month or so.

Yesterday's photos:

No photo of breakfast.  It was a very sludgy looking 20g oats, half a mango, a persimmon, a banana, some % yogurt and some coconut skinny syrup, all blended together with some milk.
It may have looked like sludge but it tasted delicious and kept me full all morning. 

Lunch was just a bowl of keema curry, no rice or anything but the curry had plenty of veg in it.  This was followed by an apple and two easy peelers.

I had a couple of easy peelers and an apple late afternoon.

Dinner, a Count on Us ready meal of chicken and veg chow mein, was quite nice.  That's a couple of CoU meals I rather like now.

I replaced the dessert with more fruit - I can't help feeling I am getting through a lot of fruit at the moment.

Today's plans:

B:  bacon and egg roll, mushrooms and tomatoes
Just what it says, nothing special.
SW:  one healthy extra B and one syn for some bbq sauce
385 calories

L:  Chinese style chicken rice and veg; fruit (apple, 3 x easy peelers)
From the freezer, frozen leftovers from a while ago, all nicely synned on the pot
SW:  one syn
Estimated (home cooked meal from freezer) 499 calories

D:  chicken kebab with vegetables; yogurt
This is the same as what I had last week but with the chicken cut into chunks and I might even get round to threading it onto kebab sticks!  It was lovely and spicy last week so I'm really looking forward to it today.  The recipe is on the Pinch of Nom site
The veg will probably be runner beans and broccoli.
SW:  I'm pretty sure the main course is free and the dessert will be half a syn max
396 calories

Body Magic:  

one healthy extra B
two and a half syns


  1. I am back on counting calories. I think it's a more reliable guide for me

    1. Interesting that you too . . .
      I like the SW structure very much. It works for me, every time. However, I can see how easy it is to have just that little bit too much and certain things. I think I'd like to get to the point where I don't worry about 'speed' fruit and veg but keep a closer eye on carbs, for example. For me, both, in combination, is the most useful way to go for now.

  2. I don't think you can have too much fruit and veg, do you? Fruit seems to have gone up in price here quite a bit recently and some veggies. Do you find the same thing?

    1. I gather the advice is to have more veg than fruit but talking to the dental hygiene lady yesterday, it's not the fruit sugars that really do the damage, it's the refined sugar and I don't have much of that at all.
      Yes, everything seems to be going up at the moment, to be honest, not just f&v. I'm glad I like the comparatively cheap things - apples, pears, I love 'em!