Sunday 14 March 2021

Sunday, 14-03-21

 Good morning.

Yesterday's meal photos.

I decided to layer up the veg, haddock and egg and it was really nice with all the flavours mingling.  Definitely one to do again.
A fairly small slice of quiche and a big, big salad.  Lovely.

I forgot to take a photo of the curry but it was really delicious.

Today's plans:  definitely off plan!

B:  I'm really not hungry this morning and, as Beth is making a Mothers Day lunch, I think I will skip it entirely.

L:  No idea.  I have made a rhubarb (first pickings from the allotment) and strawberry crumble and am taking it, plus some cream, over to Beth's.

D:  This really depends on how full I feel after the lunch.  I have a cooked chicken fillet so may have that in a cheese toastie or something similar.

There's no doubt that today will be off plan and out of calories; that's real life.  Back on it 100% again tomorrow.

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