Sunday 21 April 2019

Recipe: chicken fajita loaded chips

First, get the chips started the SW way - par boil, spray and bake, turning half way through.

While they are doing you need onion, pepper and mushroom, all prepped and sliced, some fajita spice (I had some from the spice stall on the High Street), some chicken or turkey cut into strips, a squidge of garlic, some tomato puree and some grated cheese plus a dollop of yogurt.  Oh, and the ubiquitous spray oil without which Slimming World would curl up and die!

Spray a pan with oil, add the onion, pepper and mushroom and sizzle gently until starting to soften before adding the chicken or turkey (I used turkey breast as that's what I laid my hands on in the freezer).  Then add some garlic puree and some fajita spice, mix well and sizzle for a bit longer.
Finally add some tomato puree and some water, mix it all well and turn the heat down, leaving it so very gently sizzle and stirring now and again and adding a splash of water if it seems to be drying out.

When the chips are done, bring the meat/veg mix back to a boil (the sauce should be thick and spicy by now), get a bowl or plate, spread the chips around the outside and sprinkle over a bit of salt and the cheese.  Tip the spicy mixture in the middle, top with a dollop of yogurt and enjoy.

Very tasty and very satisfying.

Sorry, no photo.  I was far to keen to get eating to remember!

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