Thursday 4 April 2019

Thursday, 04-04-19

Good morning.
Here's yesterday's photo diary.

A cooked breakfast (very filling indeed).

Philly cheesesteak (with Dairylea instead of Philly!!)  Bloomin' gorgeous!

And then for dinner I baked a potato, split it, added a couple of dollops of quark and 45g grated cheddar and had it with a veg and bean mixture from the freezer.  I scoffed the lot before I remembered I hadn't taken a photo.  Ooops.
And I finished dinner with a Mullerlight for one syn.
It was all very delicious!

Today's plans
B:  strawberry and vanilla waffles
That's one healthy extra B for the oats while the rest is free.

L:  yogurt and fruit
It's the usual weigh day one - nothing too heavy

D:  a couple of curries from the freezer with a bit of couscous soaked plain, I think.
SW: should be free.

Ss:  Must have some milk for a healthy extra A

And fingers crossed for the weigh in.  I know I have gained but it is all about how much really and I'm hoping that the last few days have reduced the deficit somewhat..


  1. Morning Joy, I hope your weigh in isn't too bad. You may be surprised, you never know! In a good way, I mean. xx

    1. That would be nice, thank you. I will know by the end of the day and it won't affect anything in an ongoing way. Not being defeatist, but it was bound to happen given how difficult the last few weeks have been.

  2. I that a waffle I spy under the egg? I ordered a w-maker and am waiting it to arrive.