Tuesday 23 April 2019

Tuesday, 23-04-19

Good morning.

Photo diary . . .
Lunch yesterday was lovely.  I changed some bits of it so no healthy extra A cheese and I spent half a syn on a bbq sauce I found in Aldi (after all I said about making my own!).
I'm glad I got the M&S skinnyburgers, especially with the warmer weather coming.

I also changed dinner slightly because I found a portion of bean/veg/tomato mix in the freezer.  I put some of the grated cheese onto to wrap, added the warmed up beany mix and sort of wrapped it up, a bit like a pancake roll.  I popped it in an oiled dish and baked it for about ten minutes at 180C until the top was going a bit hard, then added the rest of the grated cheese and  popped it back for another five minutes.
Serrved with salad and the rest of the coleslaw, it was lovely!

The coleslaw was different too but only in that I added some apple rather than pineapple because I had one from goodness-knows-when that needed using or chucking (and I wasn't chucking!).  Frugality rules!

Today's plans:
B:  oat waffles with fruit and yogurt
This is the recipe I will try today - I'm on a search for the nicest SW friendly waffle recipe out there!
SW:  one healthy extra B for the oats

L:  bean, veg and orzo soup.
While rootling in the freezer, I found a portion of this home made soup which I know is really tasty and I will top it with 30g grated cheddar.
SW:  one healthy extra A for the cheese

D:  salmon with stirfry veg
I found some yellow sticker stir fry veg in Morrions which really does need using up so I wll stir fry them and add a sauce I shall make from this and that.  Maybe soy sauce, sweet chilli sauce, a bit of honey and perhaps a bit of peanut butter (sounds odd, I know, but it might work!)  I'll have to syn most of these but there won't be a lot of any of it.  I'll just bake the salmon in a bit of lemon or lime juice.
SW:  soy sauce is free, sweet chilli sauce is one and a half syns per tbsp, honey is one syn per tsp and peanut butter powder is one syn per tbsp - I have to work out how much of each to use but the whole lot won't come to more than four or five syns and I think it's worth giving it a go.

Ss:  just fruit and/or yogurt

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