Saturday 13 April 2019

Saturday, 13-04-19

Good morning.

Today is one of those days where meal times are all disrupted and planning isn't really going to work.
I will have breakfast as usual - porridge and fruit as it's a cold, frosty morning.  Lunch will be on the go so fruit while dinner is a meal out so I have no idea as the menu changes and what's online is only a representation.

Back tomorrow!  :-)


  1. Morning Joy

    Today sounds a busy day for you - hope you manage to be able to pace yourself. It made me smile when I read your breakfast plan with the bit "cold, frosty morning" - I seem to remember a nursery rhyme (?) with those words in.

    Best wishes


    1. :-)
      Here we go round the mulberry bush
      On a cold and frosty morning!

      And it's frosty again today (Sunday).