Friday 12 April 2019

Friday, 12-04-19

Good morning
Yesterday's photo diary

A good start to the day with egg, tomato and a couple of tasty home made onion and chive potato waffles.  Very filling too.

This is what I took to Taster evening.  It seemed to go down well - there were none left by the end anyway.

I maintained this week.  I'm relieved about that; it could so easily have been a gain!  I can't go next week as it's Mum's funeral and I will be staying with Dad all week so I have a fortnight to reorganise my life and get things properly back on track again.  It's been very disrupted recently.

But first, I have three days of proper Slimming World.
Today's plans:
B:  yogurt and fruit
It'll probably be a Mullerlight and one of the last few apples I got from the market a few weeks ago (must get some more, they have been absolutely delicious)
SW  one syn

L:  beans on toast
. . . to use up the beans from a few days ago
SW:  one healthy extra B for the toast and half an A for the dairylea I use instead of butter.

D:  creamy garlic chicken (PoN p 119) and rice.
I haven't made anything from this book that I haven't really enjoyed yet.  It's quite a 'thing' on the Facebook PoN group so I'm looking forward to it.
SW:  up to four syns for the low fat cream cheese which used to count as a healthy extra A but no longer does so - shame!

Ss:  apple and easy peelers.


  1. That breakfast looks absolutely delicious. Well done on the maintain. xx

    1. It was really tasty. Thanks, Sooze.

  2. The creamy garlic chicken is lovely. Some of our SW group have used quake instead of cream cheese so free and said it was still nice. Others have used 0% Greek yog. For the hog and quake make sure it's off the heat to prevent splitting. I'd say enjoy the cheese version then try one of the substitutes next time. I haven't yet.

    1. Sounds a good idea to ne, thank you. I dsidn't get to make it yesterday so I shall be making it today (Saturday) and then re-heating it tomorrow.

  3. Oh dear I should check before publishing, quark not quake and yog not hog x

  4. Your 'tasters' look fab, Joy. An idea that I may well borrow in the future

  5. Under the circumstances I think you did marvellously to maintain.

  6. Thanks, Eloise, for all the comments. You are always so encouraging. xx