Saturday 27 April 2019

Saturday, 27-04-19

Good morning.
Many thanks for yesterday's kind, encouraging and supportive comments which were very helpful.
I felt there was no point in trying to hide that the weigh in wasn't the most positive result!  If I can't be open and honest in here, what's the point, after all?  It happens in real life and I need to show myself (and maybe others) that it's a wee stumble, not a dive off the cliff.

Sandringham was lovely and, as we did a fair bit of walking (oh, OK, sauntering), I definitely got some body magic under my belt.  I couldn't help reflecting that this time eighteen months ago I would never have been able to be on my feet for so long without a lot of pain from back, feet and ankles.  As it is, the ankles felt a bit stiff on the way home but they are absolutely fine this morning.  I'm really pleased about that.

I have a nice week's food plans in front of me with very little interruption, just one meal out with friends, so I am hoping that some of the gain will have gone by the next weigh in which will be next Wednesday, not Thursday.

So here are today's plans:
B:  natural yogurt and fruit
A mixture of the usual berries (blue and rasp) plus some fresh pineapple as I bought one the last time I went to Aldi (so not too expensive) and I reckon it is now ready to eat.
SW:  free

L:  a BLT with a side salad
I'm using bacon medallions that I got on YS - they weren't medallions to start with but there was hardly any fat to cut off so my conscience was appeased with the fact that it wouldn't be good for me to use that bit of fat anyway.  The bread will be a 'promise' gluten free roll that I have in the freezer, I will use a bit of dairylea instead of any butter and one tsp mayo lightest.
SW:  the count is . . . five and a half syns for the roll and half for the mayo, six syns in total.  I'm synning the roll because I will use my healthy B for dinner.  Finally, there's half a healthy extra A for the dairylea.

D:  breaded fish, chips and some sort of speed veg
 - it might be a salad or it might be cooked veg, I have to decide.  Or I might just go for mushy peas and forget the speed for this meal!
I'm going to try flour, egg and breadcrumbing the fish as follows - 20g oats, zizzed into flour and seasoned, egg as usual and one small slice of wholemeal zizzed for the breadcrumbs, then spray and bake the fish while the chips are also cooking.
SW:  the oat flour and the breadcrumbs will total one healthy extra B.

Ss:  fruit and/or veg

Not a bad day, cost wise.  The bacon was on special and the main expense will be the fish.  I will see what Morrisons has on the fish counter when I pop in later on (any excuse for a wee walk), unless I find something in the freezer first - I have a feeling there might possibly be something lurking that I can use.

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