Tuesday 23 April 2019

Recipe: the definitive waffle

(so far anyway)

It's a link.
because I do try to respect the creations of others.  This site/blog is one I use quite a lot - sensible, straightforward, SW friendly recipes that taste good.  Do take a look.
Warning:  There are lots of adverts.

So delicious, despite the raggedy outside.

I made a few changes - of course.

I used 0% Greek yogurt (Fage) which made a thick better so I added a bit milk (count it as a bit of a healthy extra) to slacken it into a batter.
I used 40g Ready Brek - the kind that is counted as a healthy extra.
I used vanilla essence.

I used a waffle maker, heated it on high for about ten minutes and they took about eight minutes to cook.  I expect they're all different and take different times so you just have to find your own timings.

The little bit of baking powder made all the difference - they were light and fluffy and totally delicious.

Without the sugar and vanilla and maybe with some herbs or some spice or even some nutritional yeast (which would need to be synned, I think), I reckon they'd make a nice savoury addition to a cooked breakfast too.

Yet another one to go on the 'make again soon' list.


  1. That looks lovely. Takes me back to when I was 18, I worked on the waffle stand at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Our waffle mix came in a big bag, we mixed it with water, and put watered down jam on the top. When I visited many years later I noticed that they added cream as well.

    1. Hi, Ilona. They do sound extremely delicious but maybe not SW friendly! :-)
      These above were as close to a fluffy, puffy waffle as I have tried so I'm pleased to have found the recipe.